7 ways to reduce your electricity bill in summer

Summer has arrived ! But this warm climate that we have been waiting for all year also comes with substantial increases in our electricity bills. Cooling objects represent 50% of household energy budgets in summer. If you discover a better way to ventilate your home, you will get significant savings and reduced energy consumption. There are a few tips and tricks that require minimal effort and can help you save on your next electric bill, while helping to save the planet.

Replace your electrical devices

To save energy, it is sometimes necessary to replace your electrical devices. Indeed, by opting for a dishwasher or for a washing machine that consumes less energy, you will quickly lower your electricity bills whether in winter or summer.

We therefore advise you to choose products that meet rigorous energy efficiency standards. This will allow you to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while making significant savings all year round.

Turn off the air conditioning if you don’t need it

Turning off the air conditioning while you sleep can save you a lot of money. Remember to turn it off when you go out as well. In addition, we recommend that you never set the temperature of the air conditioner below 24 ° C.

Use a programmable thermostat

A programmable thermostat is an energy efficiency tool. This allows you to schedule the times when there will be no one at home and when you will sleep. During this period, it will adjust the temperature accordingly. This eliminates the embarrassment of adjusting the thermostat and the fear of coming home and feeling scorching heat. Adjusting the temperature between 24 and 25 ° C reduces your electricity bill by 20%.

Clean vents and air conditioning units

Filters, coils and grilles must be serviced frequently in order for the air conditioning unit to operate efficiently. In other words, to save energy, you have to keep an air conditioner clean. The most important part of the maintenance that will ensure the optimization of the air conditioning is the replacement or cleaning of the filters.

Take advantage of natural ventilation

If you live in a place where the weather offers cool nights or a constant breeze, take advantage of it. Eliminate the use of electricity by simply opening the windows when it’s cool outside.

Protect yourself from the sun with blinds and curtains

Curtains and window shades decorate the house and they also help save energy. Some blinds can prevent your home from heating in the summer sun. When shades are fully lowered and closed behind a window exposed to the sun, they can reduce heat build-up by up to 45%.

In summer, you can also close the curtains that receive direct sunlight to avoid the increase in heat. Curtains can reduce heat rise by 33%. Don’t let a big electric bill ruin your summer. Follow these simple tips and start saving energy and saving the environment!

UFC’s advice-What to choose to reduce your electricity bill

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