9 Criteria for Choosing a Good Document Shredder

In the world of work, there is sensitive information that should be preserved. To keep their confidentiality, they will have to be destroyed. To do this, you will need a document shredder.

This makes it possible to shred the papers in order to make their contents disappear. There are several models of document shredders on the market. To make your choice easier, we’ve put together this buying guide. It determines the selection criteria to be considered when purchasing this kind of device.

What are the points to consider when purchasing a document shredder?

Aside from the price, choosing a good document shredder is also based on other criteria. These few points will help you make the best choice according to your needs.

The type of documents to be destroyed

The first point to consider when purchasing this kind of equipment is the type of documents it can destroy. Indeed, you will meet document shredders that process different media: paper, cardboard, credit cards, CDs, hard drives, etc.

So, choose the device that can meet your needs. In addition, you can choose a versatile model for more convenience. Indeed, it can destroy both papers and CDs.

The type of cut performed

Before you jump on any document shredder, you should also consider the type of cut it offers. Indeed, you have the choice between the straight cut and the crossed cut.

The straight cut allows the paper to be destroyed in small vertical bands. The level of security offered by this type of cut is basic. It helps protect you against identity theft. It can also destroy credit cards and CDs.

To have more security, you can opt for the cross cut. This destroys the documents into fine particles. These will be unusable.

The level of security

Another important element to consider when purchasing a document shredder is its level of security. From this depends the efficiency of the machine. In fact, there are 7 security levels according to Standard 66399. It must correspond to the types of documents you want to shred.

  • So, if you want to destroy general documents, security level P-1 can satisfy you.
  • To destroy internal documents (memos, letters, etc.) of a company, plan for security level P-2.
  • Sensitive documents such as action plans must be destroyed with a device with security level P-3.
  • Choose security level P-4 to shred confidential documents. These are for example pay slips, medical data, etc.
  • P-5 level is required for secret documents, such as business plans, personnel files, etc.
  • Security level P-6 is reserved for top-secret documents (legal documents, etc.).
  • The P-7 level is recommended to remove extremely secure documents. It is mainly used by the army.

The capacity for destruction

Before finalizing your purchase, you should also take a look at the destruction capability of the document shredder. This is the number of sheets the machine can shred at one time. This capacity varies from 1 to 20 sheets simultaneously.

So, if you have to shred several leaves per day, it is advisable to turn to a large capacity model. This will greatly reduce your task.

On the other hand, if you use the document shredder infrequently, a small capacity may suffice.

Also, be aware that auto-feed document shredders are preferred if you have to shred documents throughout the day.

The capacity of the basket

When making your purchase, don’t forget to check the capacity of the document shredder bin. This must be related to the number of users as well as the volume of papers to be destroyed.

Thus, for 1 to 2 users, with infrequent use of the machine, you can opt for a 30-liter basket. For intensive use, a 30 to 55 liter basket is necessary.

On the other hand, for 5 to 10 users, with infrequent use of the device, choose a basket of 35 to 80 liters. If the frequency of use is high for these 5 to 10 people, a basket of more than 80 liters will be needed.

The number of users

When making your choice, it is also important to check the number of users of the shredder.

So prefer an individual document shredder if you are 1 to 3 people using it. It is perfect for use in a small office or personal use.

You will need an office paper shredder if you are using it with 10 other people. It is well suited in offices.

In addition, a shared document shredder will suit you if it is to be used by more than 10 people.

The speed of the document shredder

Before you proceed to checkout, you should also consider the speed of the shredder that piqued your interest. This depends on the weight of the paper as well as the number of sheets introduced into the destruction slot. Note that a fast machine saves more time, especially if the number of papers to be shredded is numerous.

The noise level of the document shredder

The noise level of the paper shredder also deserves your attention when purchasing. Prefer a silent model so as not to disturb others during its use. In this case, make sure you get a device with a sound level of 60 dB.

The operating cycle of the document shredder

Before finalizing your choice, you should also consider the operating cycle of the document shredder. You have the choice between a device with a continuous cycle and a device with a timed cycle.

The former is more practical if you have a lot of paper to shred. This will be able to operate continuously throughout the day.

The timed cycle, on the other hand, is only valid for a certain duration (3, 30 minutes, etc.). It will therefore have to be cooled after shredding in order to keep it in good condition. Cooling time can be up to 30 minutes.

Where to buy a new document shredder?

You can buy a document shredder online or at an office supply store. Don’t forget to check the prices to get a good deal. You can help yourself with a comparison like shredderdocuments.net to help you in your final choice.

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