Abox, the brand you need for your massage gun

Are you looking for a powerful yet affordable massage gun? The Abox brand gun is definitely for you! Indeed, despite its on-board LCD screen, its 20 adjustable speed levels and its many other features, it costs almost 3 times less than a high-end massage gun with the same performance.

Presentation of the Abox massage gun

Choosing the Abox massage gun means choosing a device that allows you to massage your muscles in depth, offering you up to 20 speeds between 1,200 and 3,200 revolutions / minute, adjustable according to your needs. The device has for this purpose an LCD screen on which everything can be configured. A kind of dashboard in a way, allowing you to use your massage gun well.

Note also that the Abox brand massage gun comes with 4 massage heads. They offer you the possibility of adjusting the massage according to the painful area or the area to be massaged:

  • The round shape, suitable for the abdomen, buttocks and legs.
  • The conical shape for the palms and soles of the feet.
  • The mushroom shape for internal and external muscles.
  • The u shape for massage of bilateral muscles, neck and shoulders.

Why choose Abox?

First of all, on the performance side, the Abox massage gun has nothing to be ashamed of in the face of the best brands on the market like Theragun, Hypervolt. In addition, by its lightness, it is easily transportable and accompanies you everywhere (home, office, gym, etc.). No matter where you are, you are able to treat your muscles.

And to top it off, its major asset remains its very affordable price : it costs about 3 times less than a big brand gun, while offering similar performance.

In other words, the Abox massage gun is one of the best percussion therapy devices market in terms of price / quality ratio. It guarantees you a quality daily massage at a low price.

How to choose your Abox massage gun?

Massage gun used on the legs

To determine which model of Abox massage gun is best for you, we strongly recommend that you consider the following criteria:

  • The price
  • Autonomy
  • The intensity of the noise made by the device when it is switched on
  • The number of massage heads
  • Convenience, that is, the space it will occupy in your bag or in your closet.
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