Activities in Burgundy: What can be done there?

For a short stay or as part of a long vacation, the possibilities for activities in Burgundy are numerous and varied enough to suit everyone. A true historical and cultural crossroads, this French region is a real invitation to discovery and tasting.

Rich in vineyards, it offers a whole range of activities linked to the beverage that delights men’s hearts. Its local festivals and sites steeped in history are also opportunities for relaxation, discovery and cultural enrichment.

The list of activities in Burgundy is as long as it is interesting and only a short selection of activities to do on site is presented below.

Activities in Burgundy: Thrilling adventures around wine

Browse the Burgundy vineyards

The region quite easily reveals to any interested visitor the secret of its vineyards through a green and marked route that can be traveled by bicycle or car.

For a wine tour in the comfort of a car, it is possible to book the services of a Beaune-Paris taxi online. This complete solution also makes it possible to make a tourist visit of Burgundy.

It is thus possible to schedule visits and participate in tastings in many vineyards thanks to the address book of this service provider perfectly integrated into the local plan.

Whether you are alone or in a group, the slight difference in level of the terrain allows you to discover the Burgundy vineyards by bike. The largely tarred paths offer great traffic comfort for this purpose.

With its 22 km long, the vineyard route allows you to discover the Côte de Beaune through its villages with exceptional landscapes, dotted with vineyards, castles and cellars.

The visit of the vineyards offers the opportunity to share with the winegrowers the passion for wine and to discover the peculiarities of the production of the famous local drink.

Participate in local fairs and festivals

Burgundy wine culture does not deprive itself of any event or moment of sharing. Among the activities in Burgundy, local festivals are key opportunities to dive into the heart of the region’s culture. Beyond the wines, we discover many local products.

The Dijon international and gastronomic fair is one of those tasty events that promises to honor your taste buds.

It attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors and takes place in November. You can taste a multitude of authentic local products in a friendly atmosphere.

Admire the fabulous Burgundian panorama in a hot air balloon

A hot-air balloon trip is ideal for discovering Burgundy with a touch of originality. This silent and comfortable balloon offers a feeling of freedom and security which gives an additional dimension to the discovery of the unique panorama and the rich Burgundy heritage.

The period from April to October is the most suitable for this activity which lasts on average one hour. Those who are most attracted to adventure can even learn to pilot a hot air balloon if they feel like it.

Visit historical monuments

The cultural component of activities in Burgundy also includes discoveries that highlight the monuments of the region.

Fontenay abbey

Fontenay Abbey in Burgundy classified by UNESCO

Located in a grassy and marshy valley, this monument dates from the year 1118. Well preserved, it is a UNESCO heritage site and serves as a filming location for many works of the seventh art.

During the summer, the Abbey of Fontenay also hosts numerous concerts and theatrical pieces. It also has a boutique-bookstore which provides interesting books on the tours of the region and on the Cistercian era in Burgundy.


This is one of the most beautiful monuments in Burgundy. A reckless witness to the military architecture of the 14th century, it still stands proudly. From its defensive keep to its chapel adorned with paintings dating from the 15th century, including its large Gothic-style building, this monument has something to dazzle and allows everyone to keep vivid memories of their activities in Burgundy.

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