Adopting the Massage Gun as a Combination of Well-Being – Buying Guide

The massage gun is now the trendy wellness accessory, ideally suited to everyone’s needs. Apart from the fashion effect that surrounds it, the device is really appreciated because of its many advantages for physical and mental health.

But how do you choose the ideal pistol? What are the essential bits? How to use your massage device properly? Relevant questions to which we provide you with simple and useful answers.

Top 10 – Our selection of the best massage guns

How to choose your massage gun?

Because of the multitude of massage gun models on the market, finding the perfect device for your needs can be a real challenge. To make the right choice with ease, just keep in mind that the power of the material, the ease of use and the price are 3 key criteria that should guide your purchase.

The power and speed of the gun

The power and speed pairing is arguably what best determines the performance and efficiency of a gun. The higher the indications for motor power, frequency and percussion speed, the more efficient the device is.

The most popular massage guns by customers

Utilisation facility

The ease of use combines with the power to offer you the most pleasant and comfortable experience possible whether for a massage or sports recovery. Hence the interest in opting for a model that is really easy to use without assistance in a few steps. Several elements contribute to this end. Especially :

  • The ergonomics of the device which must allow a stable and comfortable grip during the massage (versatile / non-slip wrist, interchangeable and / or modular heads).
  • The compact appearance that the ideal gun is small and light enough to fit on one hand and be easy to carry to go with you anywhere.
  • The management of the temperature and the noise emitted, the convenience requiring that the device can operate as quietly as possible and without overheating during use.

The most popular massage guns by customers

The price to pay

Massage guns have a price that you should logically take into account when buying. Bet on a quality device without breaking the bank. Naturally, famous brands offering high-end models will be significantly more expensive.

The ideal is to opt for a model that combines power and ease of use while remaining within your budget. Which doesn’t necessarily mean buying the most expensive gun. Knowing that there are many mid-range alternatives with interesting features at a fair price.

Massage guns at the best prices

What are the essential tips?

Regardless of the quality of the model of device purchased, you should note that the effectiveness obtained will depend in part on your ability to be able to stimulate your limbs in the right place with the right tip. There are indeed several types of tips, each variant being in principle designed to stimulate certain muscles or specific areas of the body.

Among the essential tips that you must have in order to fully enjoy your massage gun include:

  • The ball tip
  • Bullet and / or conical tip
  • Fork or fork tip
  • The flat head or Flat Head

The best massage gun brands

The vast market for massage guns is dominated by a handful of leading brands whose quality, efficiency and reputation of the equipment on offer is beyond doubt. Among these, Theragun, Hypervolt and Abox.

Theragun, founded by an expert

Founded by chiropractor Jason Wersland, it is the pioneering brand in the design of advanced percussion massage guns. It mainly markets high-end devices, used by many athletes of all levels, professional therapists and individuals around the world.

Its gun range is essentially made up of 4 models namely: Theragun G3PRPO Theragun 4th generation, the Theragun Prime, the Theragun Elite and the recent Theragun Mini

Abox, good value for money

Owned by the company, the brand has almost nothing to envy its illustrious competitors Theragun and Hypervolt. Unlike the latter, Abox positions high quality devices on the market at a more affordable price.

It is also one of the few brands to offer premium massage guns above the € 200 mark. Especially on its updated MG-009 model that you can get for around € 110.

Hypervolt, from the American market

Owned by the American giant Hyperice, the brand also claims the title of world leader in percussion therapy. A direct competitor of Theragun, its models are also innovative, efficient and popular. Basically, these are premium devices that combine power, ease of use and efficiency.

The underdeveloped range includes 2 unique models: the Hypervolt and the Hypervolt Plus. They are both powered by a powerful 60 and 90W high torque motor, equipped with Quiet Glide technology. Speeds are adjustable up to 3 levels, with a standalone lithium battery over 2.5 hours.

How to use your gun to massage yourself in the right way?

Note that the mode of use of a massage gun may vary from model to model, depending on the brand. For proper use of your device, you should therefore first refer to the user guide supplied with the purchase.

In general, there are still certain actions to adopt to achieve your self-massage in the right way and in complete safety. You must start by determining the part of the body you wish to treat in order to equip the correct mouthpiece. Then point the gun at the area to be massaged, activate the stimulations and then move back and forth over the length of the muscle, starting from the bottom up until the pain disappears.

The best massage guns for relaxation

What do users like about the massage gun?

Beyond the fashion or trend effect, the interest of users in the massage gun is explained by the many advantages and benefits of self-massage for body and soul.

For the professional or amateur athlete, for example, the pistol is an accessory to aid performance and endurance. Used before, during and after sporting activity, it will help relieve muscle aches and stiffness, boost range of motion, promote blood circulation, accelerate warm-up and sports recovery, and limit the risk of injury.

The device is also prized for its ability to meet the needs of everyone, especially in terms of well-being. By stimulating your limbs, it helps eliminate muscle tension, treat chronic pain, reduce stress while providing a pleasant feeling of relaxation and relaxation. Before you get started, feel free to take a look at what not to do with a massage gun.

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