After masks, hospitals are looking for volunteers to sew over-gowns

The coronavirus will have had many effects on our society. And for some, we can only hope that they are here to stay! This is the case for mutual aid from many volunteers across France, which supports caregivers, but also agricultural producers and the most vulnerable people. We already knew that seamstresses had tackled the lack of masks, but it is now on the making of gowns that they will have to work.

Volunteers get back to sewing

This time, it is the Hospitals of Saint-Maurice which issued a call for volunteers to the population, at least to those who know how to use a sewing machine. They are in need of gowns, because they effectively protect the nursing staff and there is a risk of a shortage of supply on the horizon. The fabric and patterns are provided, all that’s missing is the workforce, although 146 volunteers have already offered their help, and production started last Tuesday.

Several took their sewing machine out of its storage space and others, DIY enthusiasts, were already ready. For those who were thinking about getting back to it soon, there is no better time than now. Why not combine business with pleasure and learn or get back to sewing for a good cause. For those who are in the market for a sewing machine, they will find a useful comparison here.

An idea found after reading a newspaper article

The hospitals of Saint-Maurice had the idea of ​​having gowns sewn by volunteers, taking the example of the seamstresses of the Creuse who designed them with winter veil. This fabric is used in fields and gardens to protect plants in winter. The director of the HSM says she read an article on them in the La Montagne newspaper, and this idea immediately appeared as a potential solution to the lack of gowns in their services.

After having the material validated by the hygiene service and ensuring that it was washable, the management obtained sufficient material. To do this she bought a certain quantity, but she also received donations from an independent landscaper in Le Mans as well as from a school in Brueil. All additional donations will be welcome, insists the director. The objective is to have a minimum of 800 gowns produced per day by volunteers who will serve in HSM hospitals, but also for the Murets hospital in La Queue-en-Brie.

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