All about the BTS NRDC formerly NRC

Relevant to the trade sector, the BTS Negotiation and Digitization of Customer Relations is a French level I diploma (BAC +2). It attracts a lot of students who, passionate about sales, want short-term training. As for you, you have certainly already heard of the BTS NDRC, but without knowing much about the training. Then read this article for new discoveries!

What is an NDRC BTS?

It is thanks to a reform that the formation changed its name. Formerly called BTS NRC (Negotiation and Customer Relations), she became BTS NDRC. Organized over two years of study, the diploma validates 120 ECTS credits and acquires the necessary knowledge in the field of commerce. The training integrates new information and communication techniques to adapt to current realities. This is what makes it different from the BTS NRC.

During the course of the studies, the student is required to undertake internships which may allow him to obtain professional experience, useful for the rest of his career. In addition, the NDRC BTS training can be followed by alternation regime. In this case, the student must first obtain a professionalization or work-study contract. From then on, he will be able to benefit from approximately two to three days per week for the stay in a company.

What is the program of the BTS NDRC?

To obtain the NDRC BTS, the learner must follow a program consisting of technical and general culture lessons.

  • General culture and expression (60h / year)
  • Modern foreign language (90h / year)
  • Economic, legal and managerial culture (120h / year)
  • Applied economic, legal and managerial culture (30h / year)
  • Relationship and negotiation-sale (180h / year)
  • Remote customer relationship and digitalization (150h / year)
  • Customer relations and network animation (120h / year)
  • Professionalization workshop (120h / year)
  • Modern foreign language 2 to follow as an option (90h / year).

In addition, the student will have to spend 16 weeks in a company to acquire professional knowledge. The internship is registered in the Professionalization workshop section. However, those who already have experience in the field may be exempted from internships provided they provide proof (contract or work certificate).

At the end of the training, the acquired knowledge must be validated by means of a examination made up of oral and written tests and above all a defense.

What are the opportunities for a holder of the BTS NDRC?

As indicated above, the NDRC BTS aims to train students in the trades of buying, selling, and in general commerce. Here are some opportunities open to a holder of this diploma.

  • Sales promoter
  • Sales managers
  • Commercial Counsellor
  • Product manager
  • Negotiator
  • Commercial animator of e-commerce site
  • Sales assistant
  • commercial manager

It is also possible to finish as an Assistant-manager or as a Commercial Advisor.

By which training to pursue after a BTS NRDC?

The NDRC BTS is a professional diploma with the possibility of further studies. If this is your choice, know that the first path open to you is that of economics-management or science-management. Here you can consider a professional license by accessing an L3.

You also have the possibility of orienting yourself towards the marketing, management or human resources. If this alternative appeals to you, then you should head to a business school to do a European bachelor. But then, you will need an impressive course and above all a good mention in the BTS exam to access these schools.

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