All you need to know about CSE training: Which service providers and which budget?

The CSE (Social and Economic Committee) is the new term which will replace the works council (CE), the staff representatives (DP) and the health, safety and working conditions committee (CHSCT). The members of this committee, which will become compulsory in companies from 2020, will need to be trained to best meet their mission. Which provider to turn to and how is this training funded?

What is the objective of the training ?

This health, safety and working conditions training has many very concrete objectives, in order to finally have truly competent members who can carry out their mission within the CSE without worry. This training lasts 5 days for companies with more than 300 employees and 3 for others.

  • The cse training allows members to be able to detect and measure the various risks at work as well as their ability to analyze working conditions
  • This then allows them to learn different methods to apply, to avoid different occupational risks, and finally to improve working conditions.

For companies with 50 or more employees, members will have to receive economic training, to be able to intervene at the legal, restructuring or accounting level, for example. It is a training that lasts 5 days and to be repeated every 4 years at the end of the mandate.

Which providers to choose for this training?

The choice of training provider can be made from one of the organizations on the list that has been set up by the administrative authority or by a body attached to a trade union organization. Here is a list of specialized institutes:

  • Juri-CE
  • ELEGIA Training
  • CAPESTAN Training
  • Human Prevention
  • Prevention Initiatives
  • Consulting Expert
  • AQSE CHSCT & CSE training
  • INRS
  • Soxia
  • Flexure Avocats
  • Arcades
  • Orsys Training
  • EC School
  • WK Training
  • Happy CE
  • Gereso

How is this training funded?

The training is paid for directly by the CSE, they use their operating budget provided for in article L.2315-63 of the Labor Code. With this budget, the members of the CSE will be able to finance the internship as well as travel and accommodation costs.

This operating budget is funded by the employer and depends on the number of employees in the company. For companies from 50 employees and below 2,000 receive a subsidy of 0.20%, for more than 2,000 employees, it is a subsidy of 0.22%. However, it should be known that companies with less than 50 employees, there is no budget provided.

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