Alsace: What books to discover its history?

To discover the history of a region or a country, what better way than to refer to books? It is possible to find them retracing the history of a place or a culture. Alsace is no exception and we invite you to discover some books on its history through this article.

Behind the scenes of territorial reforms with Alsace despite her

Alsace despite Elle is a book that takes you behind the scenes of territorial reforms. The author returns in particular to the reasons for the failure of the referendum of 2013 concerning the merger of the regional council of Alsace with the general councils of Haut and Bas-Rhin. A critique concerning the relevance of the Grand Est region is also conducted throughout the book. It offers readers surprising anecdotes on certain elected officials and allows Alsace to be placed in a recent historical context in order to understand the current political issues. So if you have a geopolitics and history buff in your family, there is still time to slip this gift under the tree.

History of Alsace, to retrace 15 centuries of history

In his book, Philippe Meyer highlights the history of Alsace from the Middle Ages until today. Fifteen centuries are thus peeled in order to show how the will to live together overcame many obstacles, such as religious hatred or fratricidal wars. Its author is the author of numerous books and is now devoted to Franco-German relations. If you appreciate books that are both dense and educational, you should consider discovering Histoire de l’Alsace quickly. The references are not lacking, as well as the clarity of the words.

Discover the history of Alsace-Lorraine

François Roth is the author of numerous works, including Alsace-Lorraine – History of a “lost country” – From 1870 to the present day. He returns here to the persistence of the appellation and questions the relationship between the Roman area which has become French and the Germanic area. With this book, you will learn more about the history of this region which appeared during the war of 1870 and formalized via the Treaty of Frankfurt, dating from 1871. And if the term Alsace-Lorraine remains in the memory of the French, it remains unused and is the subject of a refusal by the Alsatians and Mosellans.

The liberation of Alsace by Eugène Riedweg

If you are a historian looking for information on the liberation of Alsace in WWII, you should turn to The Liberation of Alsace – September 1944 – March 1945. You will learn more about the difficulties facing the Alliers had to face, for example the lack of logistics or the failed strategy of the broad front.

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