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Green exhibition stands have been very popular with companies in recent years. Practical, they are more and more present at professional events, fairs and shows. They optimize the implementation of the environmental protection and sustainable development policy. From now on, companies can promote their values ​​and their environmental approaches in public spaces such as trade shows and trade shows thanks to ecological exhibition stands. Respectful of the environment, these are the best option to limit the waste generated by these events. Thus, the next time you participate in a professional event, we advise you to bet on an eco-friendly exhibition stand. Its advantages are numerous. Details.

The particularities of eco-friendly exhibition stands

Anxious to make their contribution to the preservation of the environment, the manufacturers of ecological stands are constantly improving and developing their products to meet the needs of customers. Thus, professionals or individuals, it becomes easier to find eco-friendly exhibition stands. Each model differs depending on the construction material used. In the trade, you can find eco-friendly wooden exhibition stands like the models available on this page of the CMAPub site and others in recycled cardboard in order to convey a positive image to your customers. Unlike traditional stands, they have a more attractive design and are easy to use. In recent years, the number of companies attracted by this equipment has continued to grow.

Result, ecological exhibition stands are particularly attractive during commercial, professional or private events. They are, moreover, very appreciated by current companies. In addition to allowing them to put into practice their eco-responsible policy, they are an effective advertising tool.

Zoom on the wooden exhibition stands

Today, classic portable stands all look alike in terms of design and structure. Result, it becomes more difficult for participants to stand out from the competition and attract potential customers during a trade fair, trade fair or professional event.

The reality is quite different since the arrival ecological wooden models in commerce. At a time when the character and positioning of a brand directly influence the development or not of a business, it is better to invest in equipment that allows you to make a total difference. Thus, replacing your traditional portable stands with eco-friendly wooden exhibition stands will allow you to highlight your values ​​and your contribution to improving the environment.

A wooden exhibition stand is ideal for surprising and impressing your target customers. In addition to its limited environmental impact, it has an aesthetic, rich, original and innovative design. With this type of equipment, there is no risk of going unnoticed. Available as a kit, it is easy to handle. For example, you can find an eco-friendly wooden exhibition stand kit with a height of about 95 cm.

Good to know about recycled cardboard exhibition stands

Besides the ranges of quality wooden exhibition stands, you can also find in the market models in ecological cardboard. Whatever event you plan to attend, there are a number of ways this furniture can serve you. They can act as a display to better display the products and showcase them.

The ranges of cardboard exhibition stands are available for large-format prints. They allow companies and individuals to attract the attention of visitors and target people at an exhibition. This equipment is very popular with today’s businesses.

Practical and recyclable, cardboard exhibition stands make it possible to considerably limit the amount of waste during professional events and exhibitions of all kinds. As these cardboard furniture is lightweight and easy to set up, there is no risk of clutter during installation, transport or storage.

recycled cardboard stand

Using an eco-friendly exhibition stand: the advantages

The green exhibition stand is a revolutionary piece of equipment for companies, individuals and trade show organizers. It facilitates the involvement of the professional sector in the protection of the environment and helps boost the productivity of the company.

A real exhibition space

Versatile, an ecological wooden exhibition stand can serve as a brochure holder or reception desk. This article is often used by companies for a product launch or demonstration. We often meet him during commercial events or roadshows.

The natural and warm appearance of wood gives it a very attractive look and ensures an exceptional professional rendering. This eco-responsible material has an incomparable charm giving a touch of aesthetics to your ecological exhibition stand.

The eco-designed stand blends harmoniously with your local and innovative products vAllowing you to present your articles from a new angle. The mere sight of its sublime design is enough to arouse the curiosity of visitors and make them want to take an interest in its content.

An effective and atypical communication medium

Communicate differently by investing in eco-designed stands. They allow you to differentiate yourself in your industry. Design and trendy, they are more current and original than the traditional media used by most of your competitors. At a trade show, you will have a good chance of attracting as many visitors as possible.

The number of events that engage in environmental protection is increasing more and more. The eco-responsible policy has become a guarantee of quality and a strong argument in terms of marketing strategy. This is why the eco-friendly exhibition stand happens to be a relevant solution to give a better image of your company.

An effective strategy to forge the company’s reputation

Usually, events like exhibitions and trade shows attract a significant number of visitors and exhibitors. As a result, they generate a large amount of plastic, food, etc. waste.

By using an eco-friendly exhibition stand, you are doing your part in reducing your carbon footprint while building a solid reputation. About 88% of consumers preferred to buy from companies committed to environmental protection according to Forbes Magazine.

Indeed, a collective awareness of our health and our environment is growing and is gradually taking root in the heart of society. A situation that has become a convincing selling point for companies.

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