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A good aesthetic and ergonomic e-commerce site should allow you to gain an audience. You can design your site yourself, but to be sure that you benefit from an efficient and pleasant platform, it is better to entrust this task to a professional.

The qualities of a good e-commerce site

A good e-commerce site must be practical and pleasant to use for Internet users. The latter, more and more demanding, favor intuitive platforms that provide them with a fast and simple navigation experience.

The ergonomics and aesthetics of the website

When a potential customer experiences navigation problems while exploring your e-commerce site, they may be tempted to go to another platform to make their purchase. To avoid losing it, it is essential to create the most ergonomic and intuitive website possible while taking care to work on aesthetics.

If your structure is located in Loire-Atlantique, it is wise to contact a webdesign agency in Nantes who can assist you in order to set up an effective digital strategy. Professionals will be able to design an attractive platform capable of enticing visitors to buy your products.

Ideally, the user should not have to make more than 4 clicks to find the product or information they are looking for. Among other things, they will set up elaborate drop-down menus allowing easy access to what you are looking for.

The characteristics of a good e-commerce site

Keywords, photos, videos and content are important, but they don’t do everything on a website. The content of your site must be relevant to benefit from the best SEO. Be sure to write articles for Internet users and not for search engines.

They must be sufficiently long and interesting, but also be accompanied by photos / videos. Your site must offer customers an optimized e-commerce experience. To do this, develop an application or a responsive platform for making purchases via mobile. You should also know that in the mind of the consumer, a beautiful visual is associated with a quality product.

The importance of good SEO for an e-commerce site

The field of online commerce is currently booming and all companies are looking to optimize their presence on the web. Note that the main factor in purchasing decisions is display speed. The second factor is none other than Google SEO.

Why is SEO essential in e-commerce?

Good SEO is essential in e-commerce, because it considerably increases your online visibility, your e-reputation and, in fact, your turnover. Whether natural or paid, it helps to acquire traffic, but also to increase the number of visits to your platform.

It is also a way to communicate with a new target on the internet. When all the elements necessary for a good SEO are properly worked out, your business will reap significant long-term benefits in terms of visits, sales and notoriety.

Our advice to gain visibility and performance

To improve your visibility online, you must seriously work on your natural referencing (SEO). To achieve this, favor long-tail keywords and focus on the searcher’s search intent to create relevant content.

Also streamline the payment by offering several means. Work on the simplification of the order tunnel by allowing the customer to finalize his purchase without having to create an account.

In addition, the quality of the search on your e-commerce site should not be overlooked. These elements influence the quality of the customer experience and the number of sales made on your platform. You should also know that it is essential to give the customer a choice regarding the delivery method, the means of contacting them and their personal recommendations for purchases.

The usefulness of a web agency to create an attractive site

Although it is possible to create a website yourself thanks to the ready-made solutions available online, it is preferable to have a team of professionals. The main thing is to make sure that your platform is qualitative and efficient. It must be attractive, well referenced and in your image.

The importance of a website for your company

A business without a website would today be like a vehicle without fuel, because in the digital age, an internet platform has become “the minimum”. Thanks to this interface, you increase your chances of being seen by Internet users around the world.

Owning your own e-commerce site allows you to market your products and services with an online payment management system. You have a way to differentiate yourself from your competitors, to set up various strategies to boost your sales, but also your virtual reputation.

Know that improving your visibility on search engines greatly contributes to strengthening your authenticity. You will thus gain credibility in the eyes of your prospects / customers. A design and responsive website is also an excellent means of communication, but also a perfect marketing tool for prospecting, selling and building loyalty.

e-commerce site creation

Using a web agency: what are the advantages?

Using a web agency to design your website allows you to benefit from a tailor-made platform that meets your needs. You will thus be able to define your objectives, then put in place solutions to meet them.

By working with professionals, you benefit from a website that has been designed on solid technical foundations. The developers put their technical expertise at your service to the creation of the tree structure, design or referencing of your platform.

The latter will also be adapted to the uses of your customers and can be regularly updated. Collaborating with a team specialized in the field of website creation allows you to benefit from the advice of a webmaster, but also to ensure optimal maintenance. A web agency will also be able to define the digital strategy adapted to your needs.

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