An opinion on Just before the happiness of Agnès Ledig

The fight of a writer in a novel

Just Before Happiness is a book by Agnès Ledig which tells the story of Julie’s adventures. Her second novel where nothing is artificial, the story of a life for the author and her heroine where time has filtered the emotions.

The book will offer you the meeting of Julie, a young girl of 20, working hard as a cashier in a supermarket to best meet the needs of her son Lulu. On a day like any other, she attracts the attention of a client, Paul in his fifties, well-off and single again.

Their friendship begins by sharing a meal, then the invitations are more abundant until the generous and disinterested invitation of Paul to Julie and her son to spend a few days in his beautiful seaside villa in Brittany. Suspicious, she nevertheless accepts to give her son the opportunity to see the sea for the first time.

They find Jerome, Paul’s son, who is recovering badly from the suicide of his young wife.

All 4 will spend a stay together to get to know each other, to open up and heal their wounds. Difficult beginnings for Jérôme but gradually the happiness can be read on his face thanks to the little boy with whom he becomes attached. Unfortunately on the way home a tragic car accident occurs, Lulu finds himself in a coma, he fights as much as possible, until one day he can no longer and dies.

Nobody lets Julie down, they support her as much as they can. With her, through her, distraught beings try to relearn the joys of life by confiding in her that everyone has the right to a second chance at life, and we must not let it pass. The strength of the trials overcome, the hope of a new love is possible with a good dose of intelligence and humor to make this miracle succeed.

What do I think about it?

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Just before happiness, a moving book shares these characters filled with joy, strong emotions, psychological depth, and then, there is a lot of humor, laughter and even sometimes bursts of laughter, we find there just as well sadness, which will again be erased by a new path of joy created by the support of those around Julie.

A dramatic story accurately describing the emotions felt by all the protagonists and focusing on life above all.

It is a book that is devoured, as much by the attachment of the characters as of the story itself. A beautiful lesson in life, showing that there is always hope even in the greatest of misfortunes. The relationship that is forged between them, simple, deep and sincere, despite their completely different social status, which shows that the dress does not make the monk.

portrait Agnès Ledig

An intimate, sensitive, tender, moving and optimistic writing by the author Agnès Ledig on life dramas, reconstruction, by the courage and the will of some of the characters. All the more so when Agnès Ledig is inspired by her life, Just before happiness sounds just like a lived experience

If you are not afraid to shed a little tear of joy or sorrow then this book is for you. Just before happiness did not win the 2013 Maison de la Presse award, for nothing.

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