Analytical Laboratory – How To Be Well Prepared During This Pandemic Period?

In times of pandemic, analysis laboratories are the structures in charge of virus detection and developing a vaccine. However, they can quickly find themselves overwhelmed, especially if they are not sufficiently prepared to deal with the situation.

So, to manage this pandemic crisis, equipment and preparation are needed. Here is what you need to know about laboratory preparation during this pandemic period.

Have the necessary equipment to accommodate all patients

If an individual is suspected of having a disease, it is essential to go to a laboratory to carry out tests. To carry out these examinations, the laboratory must be well equipped with all the medical device enabling this operation to be carried out.

Numbers increase in laboratories and health centers during pandemic periods. If the laboratory equipment is not sufficient, it is not possible to diagnose or treat all patients, which can harm some patients or be dangerous for them.

Have hydro-alcoholic masks and gels in stock

The laboratory is an environment where the virus can be strongly present, given the number of patients received. It can therefore be spread just as easily from infected people to healthy people.

To prevent this from happening, it is essential to have protective masks as well as hydro alcoholic gel in stock. Masks are recommended to protect against respiratory transmission and the gel helps eliminate harmful microorganisms and harmful germs.

Virological tests (RT-PCR) in sufficient quantity

To beat the virus, the best strategy is to identify those affected and take care of them quickly. One of the tests to detect the corona virus is the virologic test by RT-PCR. It lasts a few seconds and involves removing deep nasal cells with a swab.

A good part of the population is infected with covid19 and an even more important part is potentially exposed to it. It is therefore necessary to have these tests in sufficient quantity, in order to test as many people as possible. This makes it possible to have more explicit results and to better monitor the evolution of the pandemic.

Provide the necessary space and good organization for the reception of patients

A large crowd contributes to the transmission of Covid 19. To avoid transforming the laboratory into a transmission center of the virus, it is necessary to provide a large and sufficient space to receive patients. The minimum 1m distance rule introduced in crowded places must be applied.

It also takes good organization to contain the virus. The most vulnerable people must, for example, be isolated so that no one has access to their space. Also, urgent analyzes must be prioritized and the results announced by telephone to limit trips to the laboratory.

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