Anki Overdrive the connected electric car circuit for your child

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Did you think your child’s toy cars would have been spared by new technology? Big mistake! With the Anki brand Overdrive circuit, we invite you to discover a fully connected electric car circuit.

A connected car circuit …

Forget everything you know about classic electric car circuits like the ones featured on a Super Racing genre specialist! The Anki Overdrive is a connected circuit that operates using a mobile application and which is used with cars (called Supercar) boosted by artificial intelligence.

While it is thus possible to control vehicles with the dedicated app, your child can also take on other AI-controlled cars. in a frantic race for victory.

By becoming smart cars, supercars are autonomous cars that easily adapt to the opponent and the terrain built to be able to push the gaming experience even further.

… with an integrated video game

When you download the dedicated Anki Overdrive application on Google Play or the Apple Store, you wonder why its installation requires so much space on the Smartphone to simply control small cars.

The answer is simple: the application is not just a simple high-tech remote control, it also offers a tutorial to help you build the circuit, help for prepare the supercars … and a video game !

There is a single player campaign with original characters and voices recorded for cars controlled by the AI, a vehicle progression system over the games and of course, a multiplayer mode.

The whole is rather complete for a game that one did not expect to have in the hands by buying a circuit of electric cars!

The contents of the starter kit

To be able to start racing with the Overdrive circuit, Anki offers a starter kit which includes 2 smart cars and 10 pieces of magnetic circuit pieces: 6 curved pieces for turns and 4 pieces of straight track.

The kit finished to be completed by 2 parts allowing to raise part of the track, a cleaning product for cars and the circuit and finally, a charger to recharge small cars. Note also the presence on the box of construction ideas to vary the pleasures of the basic circuit.

To go even further in the experience and with the possibilities of customizing the circuit, it is possible to purchase new supercars, accessories, as well as different models of track extensions in addition.

A number of requirements

Unlike a more conventional electric car circuit, Anki’s Overdrive connected circuit poses some constraints to be able to function correctly.

So, to use the circuit it is necessary to have a peripheral device (smartphone or tablet) equipped with a version of Android or iOS compatible with the Anki Overdrive application.

It is indeed with this application that you will be able to remotely control the remote-controlled cars on the circuit and you will have to be must be connected via WiFi with your device to be able to use it.

Also know that if you want to play with your child, each player must have their own control device. You must therefore have at least two smartphones and / or power tablets to play in multiplayer.

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