Are Consumer / Client Reviews on the web easily manipulated?

What person disregards customer reviews before buying something on the internet. According to an Ifop survey, 90% of consumers read reviews before buying, but three quarters are still wary. Can we trust his opinions, are they true and real, or do they come from the shops themselves?

Who to trust when looking for reviews

It is not simply on the sheets produced that it is possible to see opinions. Just search for a query such as “Babyliss Straightener Reviews” to find several sites giving visibility to these reviews.

Sites specializing in store reviews

On all online stores, it is possible to find reviews, but there are also a lot of sites that groups together reviews on different brands or products like This site specializes in reviews of different marketplaces. These sites educate themselves and do real research before giving their opinions and writing a real article.

Affiliate reviews

Another point, and not the least, is the concept of affiliate link. Sites give their opinions on products, advice and include links to these products in question. The owners of these sites receive a personalized link to a product from something like Amazon’s affiliate program, and every time that link is clicked they receive a commission.

The shops themselves can manipulate the reviews

A store can delete negative reviews at will to highlight the positive ones. It can ask a site to write an article selling its products in exchange for remuneration. It is quite possible to ask for opinions on different platforms in exchange for the product in question.

How do you tell the difference between real and fake reviews?

There are not only fake reviews on the Internet, on the contrary there are real reviews. To try to find out the true from the false, there are a few tips. You can then rely on the correct advice before finalizing a purchase.

A long review is always more credible

The longer a comment, the more it is better to trust it, but be careful, this opinion must not be too perfect, with too much style. An average person will give their opinion by detailing as much as possible and often by illustrating with photos if it is possible to integrate them.

A single positive opinion in a fleet of negative ones is doubtful

A single positive opinion against dozens of negative opinions is quite suspect. This means that someone wanted to offset the ratings to favor the product. Opinions can differ completely, but when a positive review is drowned in a negative, you shouldn’t be so proud.

Rely on the negative rather than the positive

It is sometimes preferable to take into account more or less negative opinions, which are often more detailed. People are more likely to say what they didn’t like about a product and take more time to do so, than to give a positive review. But an opinion that is far too negative can be doubtful and come from a competitor.

It is therefore difficult to trust the different opinions, you have to know how to take the time to look for several, in order to have a wide range of comments. You have to make your own mind and buy the product, then give your own opinion. There are rules for fake reviews, but it’s not always possible to spot them.

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