Asus VivoStick PC TS10 – A real pocket computer – Review & Test

With the Asus VivoStick, the Taiwanese manufacturer Asus pushes the limits of the possible in terms of computer design. The brand offers you in a pocket size, a computer barely larger than a fountain pen, stylish and as powerful as a standard desktop computer. Below, more information about this VivoStick PC TS10 from Asus.

Asus VivoStick Handheld Review and Test Video

Where to buy your Asus VivoStick PC TS10?

More information on the Asus VivoStick PC TS10

Supplied with the latest version of Windows 10, Microsoft’s operating system, the Asus VivoStick PC TS10 efficiently manages all the basic functions of a standard PC. It is equipped with an Intel Atom X5 processor, an Intel HD Graphic graphics chip, 2 GB of Ram and 32 GB of storage, as well as a dual band 802, 11ac Wi-Fi card, a USB 3.0 port , a Bluetooth 4.1 module, a jack and an HDMI connector.

Simple to use, it does not require any additional installation. All you need is a TV, projector, monitor, or other equipment with an HDMI port that VivoStick instantly turns into a working computer ready to use.

Ultra compact, the VivoStick slips into any pocket. It is equipped with a cooling fan and an integrated anti-theft alarm system.

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