Asus Wi-Fi AC2200 Lyra Voice – Triple Band Router with Integrated Amazon Alexa Voice Service and Bluetooth Speakers – Review & Test

The Taiwanese manufacturer offers a high-performance and complete Wi-Fi system with its latest Asus AC2200 Lyra Voice Wi-Fi router. A real hub for your connected home, coupled with an intelligent voice assistance service and a powerful multimedia player. Below is our video test of the Asus Lyra Voice Wi-Fi AC2200.

Asus Triple Band Router Review and Test Video

Where to buy your Triple Band Router with Amazon Alexa Voice Service?

More information on the Asus AC2200 Lyra Voice Wi-Fi Router

The Asus Lyra surpasses all standards in Wi-Fi system design. With the purchase of this model, you get a revolutionary all-in-one intelligent voice router. It combines the advanced performance expected of an AC2200 class triple band wifi router with Amazon Alexa voice service and a Bluetooth stereo speaker system.

Functioning as a true hub that can support up to 20,000 devices connected simultaneously, Lyra Voice uses Asus AiMesh technology, MU-MIMO and the AirProtection Pro security system from Trend Micro ™ to broadcast a very high speed WiFi connection, stable and secure throughout your home.

The built-in Amazon Alexa voice assistance service helps make it easy to control your connected devices. Finally, you get immersive surround sound thanks to the powerful built-in stereo Bluetooth speakers.

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