Attract new prospects with original goodies!

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It is very important to convince when trying to attract new customers. Everyone loves to receive gifts, especially when they are original. Bags can come in many shapes and are great for communicating your brand. What is the best way to choose them, to attract and retain new customers.

Bags to replace simple pens as goodies

Everyone enjoys receiving gifts, however receiving a pen becomes commonplace, even if it’s always a nice touch. For example, you can innovate and take personalized fabric bags from Goodies Pub, then you can register your logo without problem and even personalize them with patterns or other.

Nowadays everyone needs a bag, whether it is to go to the sport, to carry personal belongings. With the disappearance of plastic bags, for the sake of the environment, your customers will be delighted to have a fabric bag at their disposal, to transport their various groceries. Usefully you can also find the bags to carry a bottle, or to transport your bread and avoid taking extra paper.

How to choose the original goodies for your prospects?

When you choose which goodies you are going to offer to your prospects, you have to think original to make an impression, but also practical so that it is frequently used and therefore your brand is disseminated.

You should also consider your budget, generally the larger the lot, the lower the costs. But you have to know what budget you can involve in this type of object, you must not forget that these are very powerful communication tools.

Choose a goodies that will be in your image, representing your values. You have to make the goodies look like you, don’t offer something off topic, otherwise customers won’t understand why you are offering it and won’t think of you when they use it.

Know the target who will receive these goodies

Before sending or distributing them, you must ask yourself which target will receive them. Is it a business partner or a potential customer. What is the target age range, is it young or conversely old, are they intended for men or women.

Having these answers will make it possible to offer the ideal goodies, the reflection will be the same depending on the sending to current or future customers. You will not give the same gift to a loyal customer for many years, as you do to a potential customer whom you want to attract and conquer in order to turn them into a loyal customer.

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