Auto insurance 2021: How to make a choice?

Have you just bought a new car? Need to choose auto insurance, but don’t know where to start? Indeed, having automobile insurance is compulsory in France and represents a certain cost. It is better not to stop right away on the cheapest offer and to study the different possibilities. It is essential to choose insurance that matches your real needs.

Auto insurance: What level of protection to choose?

Auto insurance has a large number of guarantees with conditions that vary depending on the insurer. It is not always easy to navigate among all the offers and guarantees in order to find cheap car insurance. The price of your future contributions will depend on the guarantees that you have chosen for your contract, as well as the conditions and the amount of the remainder to be paid for costs related to a claim.

Will the car be parked in a closed garage or on the street? Is it a high-end or a used vehicle? These kinds of thoughts help to know if you will need comprehensive or third party insurance, theft, broken glass and many other options.

Auto insurance: What is the use of the car?

To correctly define the protection that is best for you, an insurer must assess the risks to which your vehicle is exposed. Are you the sole driver? Do you plan to lend it occasionally? Often, many homeowners make the mistake of not informing their insurer of the latter case. While a claim quickly happened and the insurer is entitled to refuse to compensate the victim. You should also think about specific situations that may change your risk profile, such as towing a trailer.

By being able to determine a number of kilometers driven per year, some insurers offer the “Pay as you drive” option which has a cost proportional to the number of kilometers driven. This is very practical for reducing the cost of your premium, on condition, of course, to respect the distance indicated on the contract.

Auto Insurance: The Driver’s Level of Protection

Basic third party insurance generally does not cover compensation for damage the driver may suffer in an accident for which he is held responsible. In order to be covered, you must then subscribe to an additional guarantee.

In addition, it is important to ensure that you do not take out an option that you already benefit from under another of your insurance contracts. Indeed, for example, multi-risk home insurance has a “legal defense and recourse” guarantee which can intervene in the automobile sector.

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