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Why do Audis have such a good reputation?

If you have never driven an Audi, it is difficult to understand its advantages, compared to other brands on the market. When we see them on the road, we certainly recognize their unique, elegant and modern style, but the real magic of this vehicle is under the hood. Here are


Buying a car online: Pros, cons and tips

If you’re actively looking for a car but don’t have time to browse through the options, did you know that you can buy a car online? This idea certainly does not inspire confidence in you, but if you do it correctly and safely, there is no problem. Buying a car


Is It Profitable to Buy a Hybrid Car?

With rising fuel prices, many people are turning to hybrid cars. It is for this reason that there are now several brands that offer hybrid models. However, the question that often comes up is whether a hybrid car is profitable. How much does a hybrid car cost? Plug-in hybrid cars


How to choose a Van for your Professional Activity?

A utility vehicle is a very important piece of equipment for a business. However, when buying it, it is difficult to make a choice because of the models available on the market. Before making his decision, a professional must then take into account a few criteria. Here, find out how


Top 5 Sedans with a Sporty Look

Sedans are among the most widely used vehicles in the world. They offer many advantages compared to other car models. However, there are several types depending on your preferences and especially on the use you want to make of them. Here are the top 5 sedans with a sporty look.


How to Insure a Sports Car?

Owning a sports car comes with a number of constraints. In fact, in addition to the purchase price which is already very high, there are also maintenance expenses and possible repairs in the event of a breakdown. Also, since it is an obligation to insure any motorized vehicle intended for


How to reach 50% auto bonus?

The car insurance bonus, also called bonus-malus, is a system for increasing or reducing a driver’s car insurance premium. It is generally calculated according to the behavior of the latter at the wheel and can reach an increase of 50% in the event of good driving recorded over a determined


How to properly equip your car for a ski holiday?

Going on a ski holiday requires good preparation. After the personal one, you have to prepare your rolling means. So make sure it is in good shape to ensure your trip in complete safety and peace of mind. So how can you properly equip your car for a skiing holiday?


Why choose Leasing to Finance your Car?

Are you tired of subscribing to auto credit? Leasing could then be a solution for you. It is actually a car rental contract that has an option to buy with a price fixed in advance by the seller. Leasing provides several significant advantages to the potential buyer, which makes it


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