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How to equip a car for a disabled person?

Driving is often not easy, especially for people with disabilities, but it is not impossible depending on the disability. To make their task easier, professionals in the manufacture of vehicles for the disabled must think about the modifications to be made. They are able to equip vehicles according to the


How To Clean The Headlights On Your Car?

Over the days and weeks, it is possible to see the accumulation of dirt on the front of your car. The downside is that if the residue forms an obstacle to the light from the car’s headlights, it can be dangerous for the driver and other road users. It is


Lyon: Fewer road deaths

The Rhône recorded a 25% reduction in deaths with 3 deaths instead of 4 in 2011. The department belies the national results. Even if the number of accidents in July on the roads increased by 3.3%, (188, instead of 182 in 2011), they turned out to be less serious: 25%


Speed ​​cameras: the state jackpot

It’s better than the Euro million jackpot. The state should pocket between 675 and 700 million euros in 2012. To avoid filling its pot: take it easy! Radars are growing like mushrooms on our roads and highways, hide in town near red lights, not to mention those installed according to


How to load a motorbike for the transfer?

Transporting a motorcycle is no easy task. Indeed, transferring a motorcycle from point A to point B, when you are not driving it is not an easy task, and can very quickly become a real obstacle course. If you are in this situation, and are looking for a solution, you


How to remove paint stains from a car?

You have been dreading this moment for a long time, still hoping that your car will be spared, but here it is, the tragedy has happened: traces of paint are on your car. This could be the result of a door hitting the side of your car, or a collision


Driving course – Dream cars to drive

A driving course offers you the opportunity to burn the asphalt behind the wheel of a beautiful sporty engine. However, among all the exceptional cars that it is possible to drive, it can be difficult to choose the model of your dreams. Discover our selection of the most prestigious brands


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