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Technical Control, an Important Step, but Why?

Technical control is an obligation for all drivers. In fact, every year, anyone with a vehicle must take them to this check. The latter is often overlooked by some motorists although it is an essential point. It is indeed a kind of guarantee of safety for the driver and passengers.


Paint stain on the bodywork – How to remove it?

Having your car immaculate and impeccable at all times is the wish of all drivers. Unfortunately, this is not always obvious: there are sometimes glitches with paint stains on the body that need to be taken care of. To find out how, here are some tips that will help you


When to change a seal and why do it?

Quick Access to Content – Summary Gaskets have a very important utility in a car, they are necessary must be adapted and not be damaged. If you encounter a seal problem, they should be changed quickly, so as not to cause more serious problems. What are they used for, what


License Plate Change: Why Do It Online?

Changing your license plate, as you wish or need to, can be done very easily, by going directly online. Indeed, going through the Internet has many advantages, however there are some rules to follow regarding license plates. What are the regulations to follow for a license plate change? Choosing to


How To Choose The Right Tires Online?

Tires are important for the proper functioning of a car. They also ensure driver safety and provide excellent support on the road when they are of good quality. Since these are essential equipment for your vehicle, it is important to make a better choice when changing them. With the different


How to choose the right car mat for the climate?

Car maintenance is essential and it starts with maintaining the vehicle so that it looks impeccable at all times. The owners who keep their vehicles clean are usually also the ones who take care of checking tires, oils and other important items. But what is most indicative in a car


How much does it cost to clean an EGR valve?

Thinking of cleaning your vehicle’s EGR valve and want to know how much it will cost you? In general, you should be aware that the price of cleaning your EGR valve may vary depending on whether you are doing it yourself or using the services of a garage. Below, everything


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