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What are the Best Applications to Calculate Your Trip?

Did you know that today there are several trip calculator applications? With the advancement of technology, you can equip your motorcycle or car with applications that assist you while riding and make it more enjoyable. We present the best here to you. Top 5 apps for your trip Among the


Smell of Gasoline in the Car Is there a Leak?

Gasoline-powered cars can malfunction over time. These can cause unusual gasoline odors which become suffocating when the problem is not solved quickly. Very often, these are undetected leaks. Let’s find out the real causes of gasoline smells in your car. How to detect a fuel leak? The fuel leak is


8 steps to complete a sale of used cars

As a buyer it is highly advisable to have insurance to be able to register your new opportunity. It is important to contact your agent to make sure you can afford the car insurance premiums and you have the right coverage. As a seller, you must provide the registration card


What is ecological bonus-malus on cars?

The ecological penalty applies an additional tax to vehicles considered to be polluting. Implemented in 2008, this decision followed an objective set by the entire European Union: to reach the threshold of an average CO2 emission of 95 grams per kilometer in 2020 for new cars. To meet this quota,


License B – What Can I Drive With This License?

Statistics show that in France, the B permit is the most widespread. This is the license corresponding to light vehicles. Most individuals opt for this as soon as they reach driving age. While this category of license mainly allows driving a car, it is also valid for driving other vehicles.


Motorhome – Is it Better to Rent or Buy?

Go on vacation aboard a camping car can be a very rewarding and adventurous experience. Many people choose this means of transport for their holidays to be free and be able to go wherever they want. However, the cost of a motorhome is not always cheap. Many wonder what would


Buying a Used Car – How to Go About It?

Finding a used car today is a process within everyone’s reach. With dozens of specialist sites out there, it’s easy to find the vehicle you need, while getting a good deal. Here are some tips to help you make that purchase. Find your car on online sites Today, the majority


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