Avoiding the burnout of young parents due to fatigue

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Everyone tells us before the birth of the child, take advantage of your nights, because it will be over. But you never really realize the magnitude of this advice until the day the child is there. It is very common for young parents to burn out because of too much fatigue. There are ways to avoid this and here’s how.

Baby sleeps, we must also sleep

You will tend to do a lot of things when your baby is asleep, especially when sleeping. As long as the child has not found a good sleep rhythm, which you will try as best you can to establish, you will have to take advantage of these moments of respite to sleep. The housework can be done later, not necessarily days later, but when the child is calm in his park for example.

Preparing meals in advance

Do not be overwhelmed when it is time for the child to eat. Preparing the doses for the bottle in advance will then be easier to prepare with the child in your arms, rather than counting the spoons. Ditto for the purées later, prepare them in advance, you can freeze them without problem and take them out during preparation. In addition, if it is necessary to make a bottle in the middle of the night, it will be easier to pour the already ready dose in a few seconds.

Dad is here, so we give the baton

We love our child more than anything and we must not forget that dad too, so when he is there, do not hesitate for a moment to make him participate. He will be happy to do it, even if changing his diaper is worse than doing a marathon, he will and he must, because the day he is alone, he will have to do it. And it is not for the mother to have all the “thankless” tasks which are also a great moment of pleasure and sharing. You unload on the daddy, will allow you to breathe a little and to do things for which you will not have had time. And above all, take time for yourself, just a good hot shower, which can last.

Babysit your child from time to time

It is not always easy to let go of your child at first and yet it is good for him and for you. He’ll be used to being with other people and you to being without him. Take the opportunity to do something as a couple, you should not leave your couple aside during this period. But there are things you can do for yourself as well. It is in these moments that you will have time to breathe and to enjoy.

Don’t say bye bye to late mornings

It’s not impossible to sleep in if you alternate with your husband. The weekend, once one, once the other, it is quite possible and rather recommended for one as for the other.

Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed

Put off the less important tasks, yes, but don’t let too many tasks pile up, otherwise it will be a disaster. For cleaning, don’t do it all at once, but do it little by little. Storage thought to be tidied up as you go, to prevent the house from becoming a playroom.

Each child is different, you may listen to all the advice around you, it will be different each time. Follow these few tips for yourself and you will have your own rituals and moments of respite. It is one of the greatest joys to become a parent, but it is not the easiest, the beginnings are often perilous and yet after a little adaptation time, everyone will be happy. Preserve yourself, your child and your couple, so you will live your first months at best

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