Baby girl birth announcement – How to make the announcement unique?

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Your child is unique, the announcement of his arrival should be too and this first involves the announcement of announcements. Get inspired by models, put the necessary information and add a personal touch, to make it original.

In addition to important information, add a personal touch

An announcement is made to announce the happy birth of a newborn baby, people wait to have key information about this beautiful little girl, such as her name, height, weight and time of her birth. birth. So don’t forget this long-awaited information, but you can state it in an original way.

Depending on your personality you can make a fable, write humorous sentences, a poetic text or something else the ideas are multiple and the only barrier is your imagination. You do not have to make a bulleted list classically indicating this information.

An original design to be surprised when opening

Design is something very personal and not everyone likes it. You can choose a model already made by simply searching for a girl birth announcement card, but you can also modify them, add elements for example.

The models are now varied, they are no longer just square cards in an envelope. You have original shapes, such as bookmarks, leaflets, little boxes full of surprises or even passport-shaped for travel lovers.

A share with a photo or not?

The photo has a very personal touch and allows people who receive the photo to get a first glimpse of your little girl. Especially since it is possible to integrate it in multiple ways today, as well as to add filters if you wish.

Despite new technologies, social networks, the ability to send messages, it’s always nice to receive a photo that could be hung at home. In addition, it is intended for the person who receives it and not for everyone you have on your social networks.

From when to do and send to share

Obviously, you have to wait for the birth of the child before making them, but you can already make your choice on the model long before. Then depending on what you want to put inside you can send them more or less quickly.

Indeed, if you decide to send an invitation with a photo, you will have to wait a few days to take the perfect photo. However, if it’s just text, you’ll be able to do it soon after birth and send it just as quickly.

Usually the main people already receive a nice message to be informed of the birth, to share it is a symbolic touch, a memory. This is why you can take the time to do something very personal that is like you.

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