Back Pain and Aches – How To Use The Massage Gun?

Using a massage gun is a great way to put an end to back pain and aching muscles. However, to see the best possible results with the best massage gun, you need to know a minimum of things about how it works, when and how often to use, as well as the benefits of the massage gun.

How does the massage gun work?

In its operation, the massage gun uses vibration technology also called percussion therapy, developed by the expertise of the Swedish Doctor Zander in 1870. The vibrations help to speed up blood circulation and increase blood flow, thus oxygenating the muscles who are then constantly invigorated and relaxed.

With its vibrations, the gun sends continual sensations to the nervous system of small muscle stretches which stimulate the muscle before the effort, soothe the pain during the effort, facilitate recovery after the effort.

How long to use the massage gun?

For your back massage, set the speed of the gun that suits you and apply it to the muscle areas that are tight and tense, for a time between 1 and 2 minutes. You should not last more than 2 minutes on the same area to avoid putting too much strain on the muscle. Also avoid applying the gun to the joints and check the use of each tip.

How often to use the massage gun?

Man using massage gun on his bent leg on the floor

This data depends on you, more precisely on your activity, for each activity, the correct use. If you are an athlete, use the gun however you want, several times a day and as soon as you feel the need, whether for mild stiffness or stubborn tendonitis.

Regular users, too, can use the gun at their frequency, when they want and when they need it. Indeed, there are no rules in the strict sense of the term on this subject. However, be reasonable: there is no point in putting too much strain on your lower back if you are not doing any strenuous physical activity. Go on the basis of once or twice a week.

What are the benefits even without being athletic?

The massage gun has several features that make it usable by everyone. It can be used as well for an intense sporting activity specific to athletes, as for a simple relaxation by relaxing the lumbars of the back.

The gun also helps to combat muscle laziness caused by prolonged sitting immobility of office workers. It tones the fascia and eliminates muscle tension. The gun also serves as a fitness accessory because it rounds your figure and helps burn fat.

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