Banggood Review – Scam or Bargain?

Do you want to shop online, but in the plethora of e-commerce platforms you don’t know what to choose? Or maybe your gaze must have caught Banggood but you don’t know if it’s a scam or a good deal?

Banggood is a platform that is often criticized by users. But beyond these criticisms, it must be said that the strengths of this site are as attractive as each other.

Presentation of the Chinese store Banggood

Banggood is a Chinese online store which was founded in 2004. Since then it has had quite good success in several countries in Europe and even in America. You can find a bit of everything there, but its specialty lies in high-tech products. It is not a marketplace, so all products available on Banggood come directly from Banggood warehouses.

Banggood is a site with many advantages

Enjoy many advantages by choosing to do your shopping at Banggood store, among them you can count on fast delivery, ease of payment and very affordable prices.

Some warehouses in Europe, guaranteeing fast delivery

Banggood warehouses can be found all over the world. Therefore, if the product you order is in a warehouse in your locality, rest assured because you will get your product very quickly.

Possibility to pay by PayPal

Payment via PayPal is a method that ensures a certain security and serenity in the operations. Banggood understood this and set up the possibility of paying via PayPal, which other sites are slow to implement.

Good balance between low price and fast delivery

The prices at Banggood are still quite low compared to others. And on top of that the delivery is fast. But if you are in a hurry, you can simply choose to have express delivery. In this case, additional costs will be added.

Banggood, a site that has some drawbacks

But you will be faced with a after-sales service who is not always very understanding in the event of a problem, moreover he is English, so understanding is not always good. On this site, the quality is not always there, you have to be careful with your choice and some products do not benefit from fast delivery and will take up to 90 days to arrive.

English after-sales service not always very receptive

Banggood’s after-sales service is not receptive enough. But the most disturbing point is the fact that it is in English. This leads to a lot of misunderstanding when you want clarification.

Attractive prices, but not always quality products

Even if the prices at Banggood are very attractive, the quality does not always follow. It is quite common on these platforms at very low prices. You just have to master what you want to buy (if you don’t understand, take note of the prices of others) and you will not fall into the trap.

If delivery from China, delivery may take 90 days

Products from China often take a long time to reach their destination. If you want to shop at Banggood and it is from China, learn to be patient as you can wait almost 90 days.

Purchase only possible with an account

To finish your purchases at Banggood, it is mandatory to create an account. That’s a pretty nasty point in that you just want to do some quick shopping without making any real commitments.

Top tips for safe, quality shopping

To avoid running into problems and being disappointed when receiving your order, there are a few things that you should not rush and make sure of.

Do I run the risk of stumbling upon counterfeit items?

The risk of finding counterfeit items when shopping online exists in all online sales platforms. If you come across such a product, you just need to contact the Banggood team and they will do their best to provide you with a better quality product.

What are the reimbursement conditions in the event of a problem?

You have 3 days after receipt of your package to make a return for reimbursement. But for that, you need to take photos and videos that show exactly where the problem is. Once this is done, you will get a response within 48 hours.

In the event that you want to return the product just because you are no longer interested in it, the return costs will be entirely your own account.

How does delivery with Banggood work?

Delivery at Banggood is usually free and delivery times are rather random. However, there is the possibility of having express delivery which incurs additional costs.

Should I be exempt from customs fees?

Since Banggood has warehouses in Europe, you may be exempt from customs fees. However, if it happens that there are customs charges to pay, they are your responsibility.

What to think of Banggood compared to Wish and Aliexpress?

Banggood is generally a good place to shop online. The fact that this platform has decided to specialize in high-tech products gives it a certain head start compared to e-commerce sites like Wish and Aliexpress.

In addition, payment via PayPal gives Banggood a certain security and ease during operations. This is a point that other sites should work on.

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