Become a Mystery Shopper – Job and Salary Sheet

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Mystery Shopper is the ideal job when you love to shop and give your opinion. But by becoming one of the mystery shoppers, you can also test new products such as cosmetics or video games. It is not a binding profession and it is rather practical to earn a little more money at the end of the month.

What is the role of the Mystery Shopper?

The main role of the mystery shopper or mystery investigator is to judge the commercial qualities of a brand or the qualities of a product, in a real situation. To be more, you have to pretend to be a classic customer and make your own opinion on the reception, the organization of the point of sale, the cleanliness and respect for the various information given such as opening hours and days.

It can happen that the mystery shopper judges a hotel and he will again have to note the service, the service, the reception, the catering, the cleanliness, the available activities….

Mystery shoppers generally help managers find out what is and is not working in their establishment. Depending on the answers given, they will make changes to improve their service and satisfy their customers.

Finally, at the end of his mission, the mystery shopper makes a written transcription. And sometimes he can give his opinion on possible recommendations for improvements.

Studies to become a Mystery Shopper

There is no need to have studied or to have taken special training to become a mystery shopper. All you have to do is go to one of the sites offering these services and register.

You will answer a certain number of questions which will make it possible to define or not the missions that you can do. However, be aware that missions are not guaranteed and that it really depends on where you live and the field of action for which you are ready to move.

Even if there is no required diploma, people with studies in business, sales or management. These people may have a more applied judgment.

Qualifications required to be a Mystery Shopper

As a Mystery Shopper you need to be comfortable with spelling and be able to use a computer. They must be able to invent an identity and be able to fully assume this role.

It must be someone discreet and who can “lie” to pass themselves off as another person, but who must be perfectly honest when filling out the questionnaire at the end of the mission.

What is the salary of a Mystery Shopper

The remuneration will depend on the mission, it can bring him between 10 and 80 €. If he manages to obtain a fixed-term contract with a company, he will be paid between 8 and 15 € per hour. But the advantage is that the expenses he made for the mission are reimbursed to him, as well as the mileage costs.

What about the future prospects for a Mystery Shopper

After a few years of mission, the mystery shopper can become professional. He also has the possibility of working as a home tester, for food products, cosmetics, etc. To have as many missions as possible, it is preferable to register on several sites.

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