Become a Real Estate Agent – Job description and salary

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In a society where real estate is more and more numerous and weighs in the global economy, the profession of real estate agent is booming since it is the intermediary in these negotiations.

What is the role of a real estate agent?

A real estate agent is the interlocutor who will lead the negotiations between an owner and a purchaser of real estate. Its goal is to be mandated by an owner who wishes to sell or rent his property in order to relay the offer through his network to find a lessor or a buyer.

Several missions surround the profession of real estate agent such as looking for real estate, setting the right price for real estate, advertising to give visibility to the properties he manages or even playing the negotiators between the owner and the future acquirer.

A good real estate agent must be mobile in all circumstances because he connects meetings outside throughout his day. Obviously, he will need a taste for human contact, but also have a spirit of persuasion. But these qualities are not everything! A very good knowledge of real estate law as well as changes in legislation is imperative to exercise this profession.

Studying to become a real estate agent?

To become a real estate agent, training is available to give you a Bac + 2 to Bac + 5 level. Note that it is possible to exercise this profession as soon as you obtain your Bac + 2 and that it is not necessarily necessary to do long studies to exercise this profession.

The training we recommend is the BTS Professions Immobilières which can be done alternately if you wish. This BTS is ideal if you want to have theoretical knowledge, but also to rub shoulders with the world of work.

If you prefer to opt for long studies, you can obtain a professional license specializing in real estate, then pursue a professional master’s degree in real estate and housing law or urban planning and construction which will give you additional knowledge. in this domain. It will all depend on whether you want to specialize in a specific area in real estate.

Future perspective

Once you have obtained your diploma, it will be time to conquer the job market. As we said at the beginning of the article, the profession of real estate agent is booming, but that does not mean that the path is already cleared. You will need to put the odds on your side by having references that prove your knowledge and skills.

At the start of his activity, the real estate agent will very often work in a franchise or independent agency and will be in charge of rental properties and canvassing. Over time, he will be able to become a real estate negotiator thanks to the development of his own network and the management of a well-supplied client portfolio. Eventually, he will be able to set up his own agency.

Regarding his salary expectations, the real estate agent starts with a salary of around € 1,500 gross per month that he can double at the end of his career. Note that the salary of a real estate agent is made up of a fixed and variable part. The variable part comes from commissions on transactions where the real estate agent earns a percentage set by the agency that employs him.

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