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Working as a sports coach offers a rewarding career supporting individuals and teams in all areas and athletic abilities. You will be able to work as an employee, or to vote account. For private clients or entire teams. But what exactly does this job consist of and what are the prospects for the future?

What is the role of the sports coach?

As a sports coach, you will help people who play sports to work to reach their full potential. They can support professional athletes, sports teams, community teams or school groups, working closely with them to improve their performance. They can play a role in encouraging under-represented groups or young people to participate in sport.

Sports coaches bring out their abilities by identifying needs, planning and implementing suitable training programs. Whatever the context, coaching involves developing the physical and psychological shape of participants and offering them the best practical conditions in order to optimize their performance.

Coaches should also be aware of their ethical and legal obligations to their clients.

Many coaches combine coaching with other jobs, often full time. Many sports coaches work part time and without pay, offering their coaching services on a purely voluntary basis.

Studies to become a Sports Coach

If the person has a great deal of knowledge about sports, it is possible to exercise this profession without a diploma. But being able to justify oneself with references is still much better, some customers appreciate being able to rely on skills and training.

You can take the BPJEPS (Professional Brevet for Youth, Popular Education and Sport), which is equivalent to bac +2. This training allows to acquire sports knowledge, to then specialize in a specific activity.

It is possible to take the DEJEPS (State Diploma for Youth, Popular Education and Sport). It is also a training equivalent to a bac +2, to know everything you need to know in the field of sport and to specialize.

The DESJEPS (Higher State Diploma for Youth, Popular Education and Sport). This training corresponds to a bac +3, it is possible to integrate a position without the various sports federations. Which supports the legitimacy of a sports coach.

If none of these courses satisfy you, you can follow a university course, taking a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Sciences and Techniques of Physical and Sports Activities. This training is better known by the acronym of STAPS.

Qualities required to be a sports coach

To be a good coach, you have to have different qualities, the first is to be in good physical shape, to be able, to motivate others, to have patience, to be determined, to always remain positive. But you have to be able to lead, be organized and be able to build a team. For the relationship to be at its best, you need to be trustworthy and have the ability to build relationships.

What is the salary of a sports coach?

The salary can vary enormously, because the salary is not the same whether you are self-employed or employed. If you are an employee, you can start with a gross salary of € 2,000. But as a self-employed person, your salary will vary monthly, depending on your clientele.

What about the future prospects for a sports coach?

If you have the choice to pursue studies or training, the opportunities will be very numerous. As a sports coach, you can also become a sports facilitator or physical trainer, but you also have the possibility of working in the paramedical.

As you go, you will acquire skills as well as knowledge, which can open many doors for you. If you can’t find happiness as a coach, you can find a job in a specialty store for example.

Becoming a sports coach in Paris, there are many solutions

To become a sports coach in Paris, you can either find a position within a structure, such as in a gym or you can start as a self-employed person. It will depend on your plans, it is possible to start in a gym, there are many of them in the capital and you shouldn’t have to worry about finding a job. This solution will allow you to build an address book and accumulate experience.

And if you want to evolve, gain independence, you can start your own sports coach service, at home for example. You will need to find clients, but you can also contact the people you have coached before at the gym where you worked. The other option is to respond to local classifieds or on various job boards on the Internet.

So once you have made a name for yourself, you will easily find new customers, you can even select your customers. With more scope, you will be able to specialize in one type of clientele, make partnerships with public places, such as hotels, guest houses or even wellness institutes.

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