Become an administrative agent – job description and salary

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The administrative agent is the first contact between the structure and people from outside. Among his main functions, the agent thus manages telephone calls and the reception of citizens to direct them to the various services.

What is the role of the job of administrative agent?

If in the public service the administrative agent manages the reception of citizens, it is however only the emergent part of his functions which can be diverse and varied according to the structure. He may in particular be responsible for receiving and sending mail, passing through careful sorting to redistribute it correctly to the various departments concerned.

Accounting and secretarial work are also skills tackled by administrative officers who can take care of the organization, classification and archiving of documents. The missions of an administrative agent are varied and may therefore require the acquisition of several areas of competence in order to be carried out successfully.

Studies to become an administrative agent

The profession does not require a particular diploma to be exercised, but it is however necessary to take and pass a competitive examination to become an administrative agent. The latter is a category C competition which takes place in two stages: the admissibility test and the oral test.

The first test is a written test which requires writing an administrative letter, while the second is an aptitude test which puts the candidate in a work situation.

If the job does not require a diploma, it is however interesting to note that there are specific training courses corresponding to CAP or BTS levels and accessible to all students.

Qualifications required to become an administrative agent

The job of administrative agent and office work requiring patience and concentration. It can indeed be repetitive on a daily basis, but since every little detail counts, thoroughness is essential.

In contact with elements outside the structure, you also owe it to yourself to be presentable and smiling in all circumstances in order to be able to guide your interlocutor diplomatically. It should also be noted that the profession requires the use of computer tools and that it is therefore compulsory to be up to date in this field.

Finally, in terms of qualification, employers in the sector mainly require skills in accounting, IT and office automation.

Future prospects

There are many opportunities for the job of administrative agent, particularly in the public service (ministries, town halls, prefectures, etc.). A reality that makes it a popular profession thanks to the job security it provides.

Far from being a fixed career, an administrative agent can evolve in many ways through promotion, internal competitions or changes of services in the public service. Indeed, the many employers in the sector make it possible to evolve quite easily over time.

Regarding the remuneration of an administrative agent, it takes on average a salary of € 1,300 net per month at the start of a career. At the end of one’s career, there is a remuneration of up to € 2,000.

On this basis, bonuses often supplement the remuneration, depending on the length of service and the technical nature of the position.

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