Become an Interior Decorator – Job description and salary

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When you walk into a room, do you immediately imagine how to rearrange it? Do you love to spend your time shopping around, finding beautiful pieces for your interior? In this case, you surely have the soul of an interior designer!

What is the role of an interior designer?

An interior designer is a person responsible for arranging spaces, most often indoors, according to the needs of her clients. This can be goods for commercial purposes (offices, shopping centers) or private goods (apartment, house).

The main mission of an interior designer is to fulfill the wishes of her client while respecting expectations, deadlines and budget. The interior designer must also have an attentive ear in addition to knowing how to draw plans using CAD and DAO software (computer-aided design and drawing) or even knowing how to coordinate the schedules of the various service providers.

The interior designer must know how to be creative and show imagination to know how to draw all the capacities of a space, but also to be clever and clever to be able to solve all the problems encountered on a construction site. Finally, it will have to know all the safety standards, which are constantly evolving, and will therefore have to balance between aesthetics and technical constraints.

Studies to become an interior designer

The studies to become an interior designer vary between Bac + 2 to Bac + 5. However, be aware that it is better to bet on long studies because this constitutes solid references for your clients.

If you prefer a short course in two years, we advise you to turn to a BTS space design or a BTS architectural environment planning. Note that the DMA (Diplôme des métiers d’art) are also two-year diploma courses and can therefore be an alternative to the BTS.

If you want to have the License level (Bac + 3), you can opt for a DNAT (National Diploma of Arts and Techniques) which will also be the safest way to claim a job as soon as you have your diploma in hand.

Finally, if you want to go up to Bac + 5, you can do a DNAP (National Diploma of Plastic Arts) design over three years then continue with a DNSEP (Diplôme National Supérieur d’Expression Plastiques) also in design to do on two years.

Future prospects

Once you have obtained your diploma, it will be time to show the world your know-how. If the competition is fierce and does not make the integration of interior decorators easy, know that two solutions are available to you.

The first solution is to work as an employee where there are many development prospects, such as becoming a project manager. You can apply for a job in a design office, an architectural firm or in organizations working for the State or local communities.

The second solution is to work as a liberal by setting up on your own through a micro-enterprise at the start. Of course, the prospects for development are more limited in the long term, but if you have a large client portfolio, it may be interesting to set up your own agency.

Regarding your salary expectations, know that an interior designer can be paid between 1500 to 2500 € when starting in the profession. Everything will depend on his various professional experiences and references.

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