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Become a home owner or the dream of a lifetime. Today, no less than 58% of French people have achieved it. It must be said that buying in stone is one of the most profitable investments for a home. But several questions arise: to opt for old or new? How to choose your builder? Get an opinion on the matter with a professional such as Maisons Pierre.

Being an owner: Buying old or new?

Before becoming a homeowner, it can be a long road. Between the banking procedures, the search for the dream property or the service providers to select, you have to know how to develop your project. The choice between old and new is the first question.

The old or the search for the stamp

Wanting to buy in the old is to choose an interior that bears witness to a history. If the cachet offered by this type of property often has something to seduce, you must however be vigilant about its obsolescence. The initial cost is certainly more advantageous than for new, but the work to be done can considerably increase the bill. In addition to the interior decoration, it is recommended to take a close look at the energy performance, the state of the electricity, the roof or the doorframes.

Buying new: A turnkey solution

Many real estate programs offer new homes for sale. Here, not the charm of the old, but a house never lived in which will offer you modernity and performance. However, you will have to skip the customization of the plans. The programs sell real estate that is already thought through in terms of finishes, installations and distribution.

Building a new house: the ideal solution?

For those who wish to have control over the layout of their new house, the best alternative is to turn to a construction from A to Z. A large panel of French builders is available to future owners to design their house. With a precise and controlled budget, a builder like Maisons Pierre offers a multitude of houses on plans, manages the construction before handing over the keys.

Building or the importance of choosing the right craftsman

Before launching headlong into your real estate construction project, you should always learn about the builder. Several fundamental criteria must be monitored upstream:

  • The manufacturer’s offer or what support will he offer me?
  • The catalog of new homes at my disposal,
  • The type of thermal insulation offered,
  • Price ranges,
  • The reputation of the manufacturer on the internet.

This last point is crucial to avoid unpleasant surprises. The more a building professional has positive opinions on the internet, the more you will be able to place your trust in them.

Why turn to the builder Maisons Pierre?

By collaborating with Maisons Pierre, you have the assurance of entrusting the construction of your house to a professional whose reputation is well established. Indeed, the French professional has been working since 1984 in the construction of new houses with remarkable services. This benchmark builder has succeeded in renewing its offer in parallel with technical developments in the building.

Today, the range of homes has adapted to new consumption patterns to maximize thermal performance. Maisons Pierre adjusts to the budgets of its clients; whatever the amount of the envelope, there will always be a house to build for you. This accessibility does not skimp on the quality of its energy performance. It is even the key card of Maisons Pierre. The goal of the builder is to provide a healthy, comfortable, ecological home that preserves the pocketbook of its occupants. More than 110 house models meet the requirements of future owners, all with modern facilities; photovoltaic panels, motorized roller shutters, thermodynamic water heaters, etc. Very innovative in its field, Maisons Pierre lists the opinions all more positive than the others.

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