Belgium in turmoil over the conditional release of wife Dutroux

Belgian justice has decided to grant conditional freedom to the wife and accomplice of Marc Dutroux. The families of the victims protest against this decision which they consider shameful. Throughout the country which still bears the scars of an unprecedented criminal case where a man, Belgian pedophile murderer, Marc Dutroux with the help of his accomplice Michelle Martin kidnapped six girls in 1995 and 1996, the shock wave is immense. Four died of it, two of them from hunger after being walled up in the cellar of a house of the couple, near Charleroi. She had been recognized as an accessory and sentenced to 30 years.

The woman, the most hated in Belgium, has spent 16 years behind bars and has been asking for her parole for 5 years. Attesting to his repentance and arguing for his plan to retire to a convent, the court for the application of sentences (TAP) in Mons granted his request. “She wants to succeed in her reintegration (…) and wishes to redeem herself vis-à-vis society”, said her lawyer, Me Thierry Moreau.
Her reintegration project convinced the Poor Clare sisters who have a long tradition of welcoming vulnerable people. She will be welcomed there but will not be an integral part of the community. She will participate in common tasks such as maintaining the vegetable garden or cooking. She will be able to leave the convent, with however the prohibition to go to the two regions where she lived with her ex-husband. She will be subject to judicial review and will have to continue her therapy.
The families fear that Marc Dutroux, 55 years old, sentenced to life imprisonment also benefits from the indulgence of the judges because “the monster” is convinced and believes that he too deserves a chance to reintegrate ”, his lawyer said on Tuesday. Ronny Baudewijn.

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