Best Massage Gun: How and Why to Choose It?

Amateurs or sports professionals, the massage gun is an electronic sports recovery device that allows you to relieve your muscles, improve your physical shape and prepare for your daily workouts.

There are so many different makes and models on the market that it takes a lot of work to find the massage gun that’s right for you.

Below, you will find all the information and advice that will allow you to choose the right massage gun.

How do you choose the best massage gun?

In order to meet all of your expectations, a good massage gun, also called a massage gun, must have the best possible characteristics. Thus, it should promote:

Easy use of the device

The massage gun must have an ergonomic design, easy to handle and flexible enough to precisely reach all parts of your body. It will also be light and portable enough that you can take it with you on the go and travel.

The massage gun should also have easy to use accessories, such as the interchangeable heads which should be various and which can easily be screwed onto the arms of the gun.

Adjustable power and speed

In order to obtain better results the power and the percussion speed of the pistol are decisive. They should be optimal and preferably customizable according to your circumstantial needs. Choose a model with at least 3 power levels on which you can adjust it.

An interesting value for money

The price is also an important aspect which can impact your choice of massage gun. It’s a fact: the better it performs (adjustable speeds, long battery life), the more expensive the gun. So you will have to evaluate the quality / price ratio according to your budget to buy your massage gun.

An accessory with good autonomy

For best user experiences, the gun battery should have a long run time. Depending on the existing models on the market, the battery life varies between 3 and 6 hours in normal use.

Top 10 massage guns on sale

How important is having a good massage gun

Whether it is its weight, size, design, handling or characteristics, a pistol must be good in every way, as this will protect you from certain accidents and guarantee you real efficiency.

Avoid hurting yourself

It is not uncommon for accidents to occur with badly adjusted or defective devices. Therefore, it is recommended that you use quality and undamaged massage gun to avoid injury to yourself.

Be really efficient

When the gun does not have good characteristics, it loses all its effectiveness. For example, when the power is not strong, the gun does not provide enough pressure to engage the muscles and you do not see the results on your body. A good massage gun is a guarantee of efficiency.

The best brands in this field

In the field of sports recovery, the best brands that have been able to delight the public with highly sought-after products are:

Theragun, for power

Theragun is an American brand founded in 2007 which offers massage guns with motors industrialized in Japan, which provide a speed of 40 percussions per second. With its amplitude of 16 mm, the Theragun pistol allows intense relief of muscles and good preparation, reducing pain.

Hyperice, the mark of reliability

Also of American origin, the Hyperice brand is the manufacturer of Hypervolt massage guns, known for their great power. It offers 3 models of massage gun (G3 Pro, G3 and LIV) to prevent and fight against muscle pain.

Abox, innovative in all circumstances

Abox is a brand of, which is based in the United States, but has subsidiaries in Canada and China. It offers innovative products using the latest technologies. Among them the massage gun is one of its flagship products, it is perfectly suited for massaging after a sport session such as yoga, fitness or bodybuilding.

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