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You want to prepare good meals for your family and your pressure cooker has died. You need to find one quickly and you don’t have time to shop around to find the perfect pressure cooker. In addition to that it is difficult to navigate with the many brands available on the market, here is a guide that will help you in your choice.

A pressure cooker from the SEB brand

The ancestor of the pressure cooker, is the pressure cooker which was marketed for the first time in 1933. And SEB is continuously working to create cooking appliances to optimize cooking.

But today’s cookers are looking for even more practical and ergonomic appliances. SEB works in this direction, some of their devices can be opened with one hand, the wrists do not heat up and maintenance is much simpler.

But for cooks attached to tradition, the brand has not said goodbye to the classic pressure cooker. The range is quite wide, there are different sizes of products at different prices.

Moulinex brand multicookers

The most famous multicooker of the brand is the Cookeo, it is one of their flagship product. This device allows you to manage several different types of cooking, steaming, simmering, browning, sautéing or many others.

You can take advantage of 6 cooking modes and test the 150 recipes already programmed. The advantage of such a device is the fact that it manages everything on its own, there is no risk of overflow. You can cook meals for 2 or 6 people. Another feature, not the least, is keeping it warm, if you’re not ready for dinner.

Sitram pressure cookers

You enjoy cooking in your cast iron casserole dish, but you want to save time and it is possible with pressure cookers. Sitram has been manufacturing kitchen utensils and appliances since 1960, well known for its slogan “If you don’t take a Sitram, you risk taking a bowl!” “.

A Dutch oven from the Tefal brand

The brand is known for its famous pans known to be non-stick. From now on, there are many household appliances, such as raclette machines, pancake machines. But one of Tefal’s best-selling products is the pressure cooker. Despite the competition, the brand’s advantage is to offer quality, robust and flawless products.

Lagostina brand pressure cookers

Lagostina is an Italian brand that has been offering high quality products since 1901. In addition to offering quality products, they do not forget to leave a lot of room for elegance. It is not for nothing that many great chefs use utensils from this brand.

Fagor brand pressure cookers

Fador Electromésticos was originally an international Basque company, which produced household appliances, but in 2013 the company was taken over by Cévital, an Algerian conglomerate.

Backen brand pressure cookers

This company is specialized in the production of 18/20 stainless steel utensils. The brand is French, but is nevertheless installed in Korea and Vietnam. What differentiates them is that their pressure cookers can adapt to all types of fire and comply with current CE standards.

What can you cook in a pressure cooker?

The main use of a pressure cooker is to pressure cook. This cooking method speeds up the cooking of foods such as potatoes, cauliflower, beets and more.

What could be better than having specialized cookbooks for pressure cooker cooking. Many people have become adept at this utensil, she uses it at every meal. Here is a selection of different cookbooks offering hundreds of recipes, for wonderful dishes without constraints.

Top 10 best cookbooks in a pressure cooker

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