Best UV Gel For Nails: How To Pick The Right One?

Finding the best UV gel when you want beautiful, long-lasting nails can quickly become a challenge! Which one to favor?

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How to choose the best UV gel for nails?

There are quite a few types of nail gels in general and all forms of gel require curing, under UV (ultraviolet) light with a conventional bulb or LED lamp.

The first rule to take into account in your choice is to favor a non-toxic UV gel. It is important to check the smell carefully because the gel should not be smelly.

The second is how a UV gel actually “works”. For example, if you choose a highly pigmented polish, some have a low pigment content and require two or three coats! A good gel should form a drop at the tip of the brush, otherwise it will be very difficult to apply.

It’s all about the ingredients and the quality. So beware of certain brands and educate yourself on them before investing in UV nail gel. Also check that it has not been tested on an animal!

Tips for selecting the right UV nail gel for you

It is better not to hesitate to invest in a good UV gel that will allow us to have beautiful nails and this, without danger. Because most UV nail gel (the cheapest in general) are the ones that contain the most chemical ingredients.

So choose your UV gel carefully, taking into account all the factors below.

  • If you want to extend the length of your nails or if you want to maintain natural and long nails, a hard or traditional gel would be the ideal choice.
  • At the molecular level, the hard gel has a tightly woven structure with low weight, which provides strength and durability and prevents the penetration of acetone. This is the reason why hard gels cannot be soaked in acetone. A new application usually takes about 3 to 4 weeks before it needs to be refilled. It is also generally used as a base for nail enhancement.
  • To add color, patterns or a glossy finish, you can use softer UV gels.
  • The more flexible and supple UV gels are also great for adding strength to weaker, short or mid-length nails. They can be absorbed with acetone, correct the shape of the natural nail, and contribute to nail strength.

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What are the advantages of UV gel?

You can apply traditional polish to your nails, but the lifespan will be limited and you will have to reapply or make some corrections. A UV gel nail kit is therefore practical, reliable and above all it is possible to keep it intact for several days. You will then not be forced to use nail polish remover to perform this manicure again.

  • On the other hand, a specific bulb is needed for the drying to be rapid, because this gel is composed of photosensitive agents.
  • The gel can therefore harden and it is for this reason that the application is much more resistant to all the vagaries of everyday life.
  • It also gives your nails a beautiful shape from the first coat.
  • It is useless to waste time in the various institutes since we offer you ready-to-use kits.

It is still advisable to be vigilant and to reserve such an application for special occasions, because the UV gel can quickly damage your nails if they were already weakened. We recommend that you space out the applications by a few weeks, for example, to enjoy all the advantages and you will be free from all the disadvantages.

Why use UV nail gel?

UV Nail Gel comes in the form of a thin, transparent gel that is applied directly to natural nails, like nail polish.

It gives the nails a natural effect, soft to the touch and a solidity and durability, while protecting them from daily aggressions.

UV gel nails are notorious for not breaking and chipping as easily as acrylic nails.

They dry faster and also last longer than regular varnishes. In addition, the gel cure time using UV lamp is also very fast.

Many people prefer UV gels to strengthen their nails over acrylics because they are allergic to them.

UV gel is therefore a healthier option for the nails.

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