BioLite Réchaud – The stove that accompanies you to each campsite – Reviews & Test

Innovative creation, the Campstove 2 by BioLite is a practical stove, designed to provide you with an ecological fire source for your different needs while camping. We offer you a detailed review of its features and functionality in the test and review video below.

Video Review and Test of this Campstove Rechaud

Where to buy your BioLite stove?

More information on this BioLite Rechaud Campstove 2

Perfect for camping, this stove uses small pieces of wood or dried pine cones to produce a smokeless fire, ideal for cooking food or boiling water in minutes. The Camptove does not require gas or fuel, and thus remains perfectly ecological.

In addition, thanks to its BioLite thermoelectric technology, it allows you to convert the heat generated by the fire into electricity that you can use to charge your smartphone via a USB socket, a lamp or other small device at your disposal. It thus has 3 colored LEDs each indicating the power of the fire, the power of the fan and the state of charge of the 2600 mAh built-in battery. Finally, it should be noted that you will have no trouble using it with its simplified user guide.

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