Bitcoin hits historic highs

This Wednesday, October 20, 2021 Bitcoin reached a value it had never reached before. This is a historic value, for the very first time Bitcoin has reached and exceeded the $ 67,000 mark and even hit $ 67,100. On October 19, the value of Bitcoin was still $ 62,500, so it climbed $ 4,600 in a single day.

This rise, nobody or very few people could have predicted it precisely, but there was still a lot of hope on the part of investors and all the signals were green for Bitcoin to reach a record value in this month. October 2021. After that peak of $ 67,100, Bitcoin then experienced a slight decline, falling back to around $ 65,800 later in the day.

How will Bitcoin evolve tomorrow?

As of this writing, we cannot predict.

What is certain is that despite China’s decision to ban cryptocurrency transactions, the cryptocurrency industry has recovered and is climbing to new heights. The sector is doing well and growing. It continues to grow as it has always globally believed since its inception in 2009 when Satoshi Nakamoto announced the launch of the Bitcoin blockchain.

Will Bitcoin and cryptocurrency continue to grow? You might think so, but it is actually impossible to predict with certainty even if some signals may give hope.

How to invest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies?

To invest in cryptocurrencies, it is not very complicated. Today, anyone can invest in cryptocurrency easily with a cell phone, tablet, or computer. There are many apps, platforms, and other tools for easy investing. However, BE CAREFUL, not all platforms are secure.

Among the best crypto trading platforms, there is, Swissborg or Binance. These are platforms which are references and which are secure. However, the choice of the drafting is rather on the Immediate Edge platform. It is a platform that allows you to be put in touch with trusted brokers. We recommend this platform whether you are a beginner or even experienced because you will get the necessary support whatever your level.

How to explain this new Bitcoin record?

As we said, all the signals are in the crypto world. Some people think it is a bubble that swells, swells and swells and will eventually burst. It is a point of view that can be defended. Do the amounts we are talking about in the blockchain sector correspond to the reality of the value of cryptocurrency projects? The question needs to be asked.

However, we realize that the cryptocurrency sector is increasingly perceived as an innovative sector that is based on real value by many players in society. Big banks like JP. Morgan or Bank Of America are closely interested, even investing in cryptocurrencies. For more than 10 years, Bitcoin has never given up growing and continues to prosper over the long term. Bitcoin’s first ETF will now be traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). This decision was very positive for the development of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is perceived as the most reliable cryptocurrency. It is he who leads the dance of cryptocurrencies but altcoins are also increasingly coveted and sometimes follow or even exceed the growth of Bitcoin. These alt-coins are based on blockchains that offer projects with innovative technologies to create decentralized applications (Dapps).

Investors see that blockchains are not just empty products, made for speculation. This is what causes part of the public to change their perspective on cryptocurrencies and start to see them as a possible investment for them. More and more people are buying cryptocurrencies not to trade but simply to hold them and wait for their value to rise. Bitcoin in particular is often viewed as a long-term investment.

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