BITTBOY PocketGo – Portable emulation console for retro games – Review & Test

Looking for a powerful and complete portable emulation console for retro games? The BITTBOY PocketGo pocket console is a perfect model for you to discover or reconnect with the exciting world of retro gaming. Below is a brief overview of the potential of the BITTBOY PocketGO.

Video Review and Test of the BITTBOY PocketGo

Where to buy your Portable Emulation Console?

More information on the BITTBOY PocketGo Portable Emulation Console

The console runs on OpenDingux, with Gmenux2 as a simple and intuitive user interface. With over 10 supported gaming systems, including MAME and NEOGEO arcade machines, Atari, PS1, Megdrive, SNES, GBA and more, the BITTBOY PocketGo gives you the confidence that you can run almost anything. existing retro games.

For smooth emulation, it features an Allwinner F1C100S processor, 32MB of RAM and 8GB storage (expandable up to 128GB) ideal for holding all the game ROMs you can download. In addition, its 2.4-inch color glass screen stays true to the console’s portable form factor and delivers a satisfying viewing experience.

In addition to game emulation, the BITTBOY PocketGo finally integrates a practical multimedia player for audio recordings, video playback, as well as a USB and RCA port for TV output.

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