Blockages Are Regular for Papystreaming – How Do I Access Them Anyway?

Are you fed up with the sudden and repetitive blockages of PapyStreaming, the French streaming giant and looking for solutions to get around these unfortunate situations?

To reassure you, know that even in these seemingly dead-end situations, it is still possible to access the site. The most common way is to opt for a virtual private network (VPN in English), the use of which, even if generally paid, is relatively simple.

Find here our advice to easily access Papystreaming using a VPN, as well as all the reasons and specifics of regular blockages of the platform.

Choose the VPN option to go to Papystreaming

With a “Virtual Private Network” (VPN), it is very easy to bypass the blockages that frequently affect Papystreaming. The VPN allows you to route the internet connection to your device through a private server (the VPN’s) rather than through the standard server of your Internet Service Provider (ISP). It thus hides your IP address as well as your data that could be used to locate you, and then offers you privacy and anonymity on a public Internet connection.

It is this inability to locate that allows you to believe that you do not live in France, because the blockages of Papystreaming only concern France. To access Papystreaming through a VPN, the procedure is simple:

  • Find, download and install a VPN on your computer: it should be noted that there are several, some of which are free like CyberGhost and others are paid like ExpressVPN;
  • Start the procedure to create an account on the VPN: this involves entering information such as your name, your e-mail address, the method of payment, etc. ;
  • Enter a country of residence: here, it is preferable to indicate a French-speaking country to continue to enjoy content in VF and VOSTFR. As an indication, you can put Belgium, Canada or Switzerland, and the VNP will prevent Google from locating you in France;
  • Go back to the Papystreaming interface and refresh the page which will automatically unlock.

Is this a blockage specific to France?

Yes, this is right ! Papystreaming is only blocked on the extent of French territory and yet remains active under other skies. The last closure of the platform occurred on Thursday, May 23, 2019, the day on which the French authorities closed some thirty streaming sites.

What is happening in France is that, compared to other countries such as Switzerland or Belgium, the French legislation on illegal streaming could not be clearer and more strict. ISPs like Bouygues Telecom, Free, Orange and SFR have full powers to block any illegal streaming site.

So you have to subscribe to another provider if you want to stream Papystreaming. Unless of course you use a VPN to pass through these countries and be able to enjoy your favorite programs on Papystreaming.

Why are streaming sites subject to blocks?

The only reason for this is the illegal side of these sites. Broadcasting video content on an online platform morally supposes that you have acquired the rights to do so, but this is not always the case. Much of these streaming sites broadcast content that they have acquired illegally and therefore do not have the copyright.

They thus violate the intellectual property rights of the authors of these videos; a crime reprehensible by law. This is why these sites are constantly under prosecution with a view to their closure. This is also the reason why streaming sites are born every day and others change their address very often. It’s probably like a Greek Hydra: you cut off a head and it grows back 2.

Am I illegal if I watch streams?

On Papystreaming, yes! Indeed, everything depends on the platform on which you are streaming: if it is illegal, then you are illegal, and vice versa. And in this case you can take great risks.

If your activity is just to watch streaming on an illegal site, you are illegal but there is almost no clear sanction provided by law. It’s up to the owner of the site and / or whoever posted the content on the site to freak out.

On the other hand, you are liable to sanction when you download illegal content on a streaming site. You will theoretically run a fine of € 300,000 and a 3-year prison sentence. Theoretically, because it is not easy to separate streaming from downloading because streaming also involves a temporary download to the computer’s RAM memory.

How to watch streaming legally?

Let us be clear: streaming is not illegal in all circumstances. While there are countless illegal streaming sites flooding the web, there are also 100% legal streaming sites. These offer you the possibility to watch your videos legally for an affordable and accessible subscription with different formulas. These include, among others:

  • Netflix which is available everywhere in the world and where you can subscribe with its 3 free plans: € 7.99 / month with SD resolution and 1 screen; € 9.99 / month in HD with 2 screens; and € 11.99 / month in Full HD with 4 screens connected at the same time as yours.
  • Amazon Prime Video available in Europe and the USA, where you can subscribe for € 5.99 / month and € 49 / year. The platform also offers a Student formula with 3 months free trial and after which you must subscribe to a package of 24 € / year for 4 years.
  • Disney Plus establishes in the USA with its rates of $ 6.99 / month and $ 69.99 / year, but recently landed in Europe with its packages of € 6.99 / month and € 69.99 / year.
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