Book: Coffee is not rocket science – Who knows how to make good coffee?

Here is a book for all coffee lovers, beginners or experienced who want to learn things while having fun.

Summary of the book: Coffee is not rocket science

This fun and comprehensive book on coffee was written by two professional baristas: Sébastien Racineux and Chung-Leng Tran and illustrated by Yannis Varoutsikos.

“Coffee is the second most consumed drink in the world after water. And yet, who knows how to make a good coffee? Thanks to the explanations of baristas, it will become child’s play to improve your coffee on a daily basis, you will now understand that a good coffee starts with a packet of coffee beans like a packet of bonkawa coffee beans and no longer a packet. ground good mom. Start from the cup and go up the wire to the planting: which machine to use? What are the likely causes of bad coffee? What grind? Which cup to use? Recognize the varieties? To thwart received ideas: “Filter coffee is sock juice!”, “An espresso contains more caffeine than filter coffee”, “it is in Italy that we drink the best espresso”… And know making latte art. Infographics to understand in the blink of an eye a playful approach an alternative to the Nespresso system. ”

My opinion on the book Le café c’est pas sorcier by Chung-Leng Tran and Sébastien Racineux

This book is very colorful with drawings, very well explained, very complete and rich in information. It tells everything you need to know about coffee with simple and precise explanations in a fun and educational way.

It also contains a lot of advice, information, illustrations, diagrams, and photos to learn how to make coffee using various preparation methods (espresso, Italian coffee, French press, cold coffee, filter coffee, etc. .)

From the basics to tasting, including cultivation, roasting and preparation, the different extraction techniques, the origins of the different types of coffee, it’s all there. The authors also present tips for making the perfect coffee, original recipes and techniques used by professional baristas, all to the delight of readers.

How to learn the basics of coffee while having fun? A simple book of comprehension with clear and precise explanations to know everything about coffee.

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