Boost the audience of a blog thanks to natural referencing!

It is possible to set up different natural referencing techniques, if they are well applied, they can boost the audience of a blog quickly. These are quality techniques that are easy to apply, with effective content, using the right keywords, backlinks and finally the addition of regular content.

Identify key keywords

Depending on the subject you are going to treat, you need to find key keywords, using different tools, such as those from Google for example. This type of tool will offer you keywords that are the most searched for the desired subject and therefore that will more easily highlight your content in the search engine.

Then, your text must not be too loaded with keywords, you must use them in an optimized way, with quality content, for there to be a real effect. Write the article first and then add keywords, if any.

Create quality backlinks

You have to have the quality of the backlinks above all, for a good SEO and for it to work, you must respect some basic rules in the world of SEO

  • It is necessary that the source of the link that you are going to put, is in connection with the topic of your subject. If you talk about travel in your blog, the link must come from a site of the same theme and not from a pet store for example.
  • To have quality backlinks, you have to focus on sources of trust and authority. Because a search engine like google will check this and does not like spam sites at all.
  • The sources of the link must be relevant, so if there is already a significant source of traffic on the page of the link, it will be beneficial for your blog.
  • It is best to have a link that does not itself contain other links on its page.

These are tips among others because there are many ways to select the right links and get quality backlinks, which will have real added value for your blog.

Create new articles regularly

In order to boost the natural referencing of your blog, is to integrate the previous points, it is best to regularly add new content. To do this, you just need to create new articles at a good pace with the right keywords and by integrating backlinks

Each of your categories must contain articles, no matter how many, but you must not have an empty category. In addition, you must have a sustained writing frequency in your publications, you must not publish 5 articles per week, then 1 per month.

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