Boost your turnover with goodies

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To build customer loyalty, it is important to stand out from the competition. To achieve this, even on a limited budget, there are a multitude of methods. For example, giving away goodies is a great way to promote your business to your customers and make an impression.

The USB key: a very trendy goodie

Functional and very practical, the USB key is a corporate gift that will be appreciated by your customers. To prevent it from ending up forgotten at the bottom of a drawer, we recommend that you play on its originality.

A wooden USB key, for example, will convey an eco-responsible image of your company. Similarly, a USB keychain will easily follow its owner everywhere without cluttering it. In addition, do not hesitate to equip your personalized USB key witha large capacity, or up to 8 GB, or even more.

Personalized goodies for lower cost advertising

Among the most used advertising goodies are accessories such as caps, glasses, silicone bracelets, etc. Easy to personalize, these objects transform your customers into “traveling billboards”.

However, the main disadvantage of these promotional items is their great popularity. To stand out from the competition, therefore, you need to be creative. In addition, give a good place to solidity. In fact, a quality T-shirt will withstand several washes better.

You can also go for backpacks or shopping. Here too, bet on design and practicality. The customer should want to wear or use your gift every day. In addition, your company logo must be visible from several meters away.

Promotional items for everyday use

Promotional items used daily are the perfect goodies for people working in offices. For example, you can therefore slide in the middle of the orders of a company, pencil holders, pens, desk pads, coffee cups, table calendars, agendas, etc.

Free samples to push to purchase

Free samples (CDs, magazines, cosmetics, etc.) allow your customers and prospects to test your products to get a feel for them. This is a good way to get them to buy your items. You can even associate discount coupons or promo codes. These are little touches that your customers are sure to appreciate.

End of year gifts to mark the event

Sending giveaways is a common practice during the holiday season. This is therefore an opportunity that you should not miss under any circumstances. The most difficult here again will be to innovate. However, if you know your customers well, you need to know what is likely to grab their attention.

For an end of year gift, we recommend that youopt for a gift a little bit luxurious. It all depends on your budget. The most important thing is not to highlight the advertisement. Just think about making your best customers happy, while scoring points.

In short, goodies (mugs, bags, T-shirts, pens, USB keys, etc.) are a good solution to boost the sales of your business. Be careful not to go over budget, however.

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