Bosch laser level – overview and review of their laser level range

Did you know that 30% of Bosch’s 78 billion euros in turnover comes from the sale of household goods tools and DIY tools like laser levels? Yes, Bosch laser levels are very popular on the market!

If you need some information on Bosch laser levels, My Laser Level is a great source and a summary you have come to the right place! This article introduces you to the different laser level ranges available from Bosch and a few models that might interest you.

Bosch, the technology giant made in Germany!

Then 25 years old in 1886, Robert Bosch opened in Germany, a workshop of precision mechanics and electrical engineering, which aimed to improve the quality of life of professionals and individuals through practical and innovative solutions.

Thanks to the quality of its products, the Bosch group has gradually developed its tentacles in France and Italy, until it has spread throughout Europe, America and the rest of the continents. Bosch is today a large multinational company with more than 280,000 employees in more than 60 countries.

Bosch operates specifically in 4 areas: automotive, industrial, energy and construction, and DIY.

The Bosch laser level ranges

Bosch laser levels are arguably the most efficient and durable. They are adequate to best meet your requirements, whether you are an occasional handyman or an expert in leveling jobs. The brand offers 2 ranges of DIY products:

The professional range

As its name emphasizes, these are products intended for professionals in the building and industrial trades. This range contains products that are blue in color, which is why it is sometimes called the “blue range”.

As for the Bosch laser levels in this range, they are known to be rather expensive, but above all of very good quality. This explains why they are only found in internationally renowned sellers such as Amazon, leroy-merlin, etc.

The general public range

The products in this range are open to all DIY enthusiasts. This means that they are rather easy to use, and hardly require in-depth knowledge of trades related to construction. They are all green in color and are used for less frequent and restricted uses such as gardening, which is why it is nicknamed “green range”.

Quite widespread among many DIY enthusiasts, laser levels in the consumer line are rather inexpensive, but still of excellent quality.

Some models of Bosch laser level

Below we present 2 interesting laser level models for your work.

Bosch PLL 360 360 ° line laser and tripod 0603663001

This is a Bosch line laser from the green range. Thanks to a perfectly horizontal laser line that it projects over 360 °, it allows you to easily install electrical accessories (sockets, switches, etc.), baseboards, false ceilings, etc. It is also practical for work painting and installation of stair handrails.

The range of the laser is 20 m, its precision is + or – 4 mm / m. The automatic leveling time is 4 seconds with a correction of + or – 4 °. It comes with a case, a tripod with a height varying from 0.55 to 1.57m, and 4 alkaline batteries. It weighs 2.5 kg and has a 2 year warranty.

Bosch Professional 0601063R02 Line Laser Gll 3-80 C, Blue, Red Laser

This laser level is designed to facilitate interior leveling on construction sites, and of course to save precious time. It is part of the blue range.

It creates a horizontal laser line of red color and 2 vertical laser lines (also red) over 360 °, which intersect at 2 precise plumb points: one on the ground and the other on the ceiling. It is well suited to tilers, drywallers and electricians.

This line laser has a range of 30 m, an accuracy of + or – 0.2mm / m, and a lithium-ion battery with an autonomy of 6 hours. It has an automatic leveling system which takes less than 4 seconds to set up and itself corrects level deviations of + or – 4 °. It also has Bluetooth compatibility, so you can connect it to your smartphone and adjust settings remotely.

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