Bosh Brushcutter Reviews: Comparison and Buying Guide

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You are looking at the few piles of herbs that remain after a good mowing of your garden. You are looking for a brush cutter and you are interested in a product from the brand Bosh. They have a wide range of products and very good brush cutters, it is easier to navigate with a few tips.

Discover the brand Bosh

The multinational Bosh was founded in 1886 and is known to operate in many sectors. For the best known there are household appliances, cars, but also DIY and garden tools.

The brand is present in some fifty countries and it has 160 sites. Bosh is an important player in the job market because it employs no less than 300,000 people who are employed by Bosh.

Innovation is an important part of Bosh’s values, it constantly seeks to improve its products and offer high quality products. What sets it apart from these other competitors is the fact that it offers a range of products for professionals which is characterized by its blue color and the green range which is for individuals.

How to choose a Bosh brushcutter?

To choose the best Bosh brushcutter, there are several points to consider so that you do not make mistakes when purchasing. Like the surface of the land, or the type of land. The larger the land, the more a brush cutter with great autonomy is needed.

For gardens that are not used to being maintained and which are rather devastated by roots and brambles, it will be necessary to bet on robust brush cutter. If the ground is not on a level surface, it is better to choose a brush cutter with a good strap, so as not to damage your back.

Bosh product comparison

A brush cutter more electric or thermal for his garden?

In addition to cleaning the cutting tools, at the end of the brush clearing job, which is common to all machines, electric models will not require any additional maintenance apart from checking the condition of the electric cable or charging the batteries. . Pay attention to the battery life which must be quite large. Otherwise, be aware that your range will remain limited.

A 2- or 4-stroke engine model requires an annual oil change and spark plug replacement, as well as regular oil level checks and air filter cleaning. You will also need fuel that you will break down without. But the motor remains in all cases more powerful than an electric motor. Engines today are less polluting and quieter than before and start more easily, often with just a button and plus a choke to pull.

The Bosh AFS 23-37 brush cutter

This brush cutter is powerful and ergonomic, it has a powerful 950 watt motor. Because the engine is powerful, you will be able to overcome brush on a slope or as close as possible to trees.

What differentiates this brush cutter is that its handle is adjustable and adjustable. And it is possible that the brush cutter is equipped with a 3-tooth blade and a 3.5 mm wire, you will have free choice, according to your preferences and desires. The blade is quite handy for brush, bramble, while the wire is more handy for cutting larger areas of grass.

The Bosh ART 23-18 LI brush cutter

It is an edge trimmer type brush cutter, so it is lightweight, but not suitable for large areas. Bosh decided to equip this edger with their new blades which have the capacity to last 12 times longer than a conventional blade.

If you need to reach a nook, or the passage height is limited, it is possible to adjust the height of the handle. And thanks to its lightness you can use it for hours without suffering from pain in the arm.

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