Boutique in Montreal – How to Stand Out and Attract?

Montreal is full of many colorful little streets with lots of little shops. It can be difficult to make your mark and yet with a few little tips, setups, and common sense, it is possible to stand out.

A name clearly visible on the storefront

Getting noticed is done directly from the storefront, you need to have a name that stands out far in the street. For that, you need a good name, good typography, good colors. It has to be eye-catching, that passers-by will remember it and want to enter your store.

For that, go through the company Montreal Stencil, for a clearly visible name, in your image, which corresponds to you.

Catch the eye, with an eye-catching storefront

visible autumn blue storefront

After a catchy name visible from afar, one must catch the eye with an eye-catching display case. It must be in your image, sober and at the same time unique, that it highlights your flagship products without being too busy.

But that’s not all, in order not to tire, it is important to frequently renew your window. What is good is to do it about once a month, depending on the themes you want to highlight. But also according to the seasons, or even the current holidays such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day …

Be unique and offer different products

To really make a difference, you need to know how to differentiate yourself through your products. If you are moving to a shopping street, where there are already a lot of clothing stores, then do something different.

Be the only ones, be unique don’t blend in with the crowd. You also need to be present online, competition is everywhere, so you have to be present everywhere.

Sit in visible corners and where there is traffic

Pedestrian street, restaurant

Obviously to be noticed, it is necessary to settle in a place of passage, the pedestrian streets are places of choice, just like the shopping centers. You shouldn’t get lost in a discreet street unless you are sure that you are talking about yourself and attracting customers.

Montreal is full of pedestrian streets, but also of commercial streets, so you have to find the ideal place. Find a free space in rue Saint-Catherine for example, or even rue Masson and rue Saint-Paul. All streets of passages and which often lead to tourist places.

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