BPCE, Why Unexplained Debit and Direct Debit?

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You regularly check your accounts and you find that you have a wording that you do not know “ Prlv Bpce Assurances “. Looking to find out where they come from, but can’t find more information, we tell you what they are for and how to contact the organization if needed.

What do BPCE direct debits correspond to?

Acronym BPCE corresponds to Banque Populaire Caisse d’Épargne, in other words, it’s an insurance company that the two banks have in common. So if you happen to have direct debits with the title ” Prlv Bpce Assurances Is that you have subscribed to one of their insurance contracts. But you do not know which insurance exactly corresponds to the debits, because it is not specified.

The various insurances can be, auto insurance, home insurance, mutual insurance, provident insurance, funeral insurance or even life accident guarantee.

How to know the exact title?

To find out the exact name, you must contact your bank, whether it is the Caisse d’Épargne or the Banque Populaire. Here are the different possibilities to contact your bank:

  • Call your advisor by phone or email to find out about the insurance related to this BPCE contract.
  • Go to your customer area and log in, ask for details
  • Go directly to your bank branch, with the necessary information, therefore, an identity document and your account number, as well as a document listing the different names of these withdrawals.

I have not subscribed to any contract, and I am charged

There are several reasons why there are withdrawals, you have had to take out an insurance contract one day or another. You thought you would see a wording with the name of your bank, such as “Prlv Caisse d’Épargne” or “Prlv Banque Populaire”, but you ended up with the wording “ Prlv Bpce Assurances “.

Can I cancel this insurance contract?

Thanks to the Hamon law which came into force on March 17, 2014, it is possible to terminate an insurance contract at any time without reaching the expiry date. The contracts concerned are auto and home insurance, for other non-life contracts, it must be done on the anniversary date and request termination.

Steps to terminate the BPCE insurance contract

  • You must first write a letter by hand to BPCE, stating that you wish to stop the direct debits and terminate your contract
  • To this letter you must attach a copy of an identity document such as your identity document, as well as a copy of the contract stipulating your customer number
  • Send everything by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt to this address, BPCE ASSURANCES – 88 Avenue de France – 75013 PARIS
  • If you have no news a few weeks later, please send them back by phone or email.

Now that you know what this direct debit corresponds to, it remains for you to know if you have subscribed to it or if you prefer to cancel. You can now have peace of mind, if you are missing any information, your bank will help you.

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