Broken fireplace insert glass, how to change it?

It turns out that the insert glass of your fireplace is broken, even if it is just a simple crack, so do not let the problem drag. This is not an easy task and you have to be very careful not to break the new new window.

The materials you will need for the change

Before embarking on this type of DIY and changing the glass of its insert, you must have the right equipment and the right tools. Without this material, you will not be able to properly change the broken insert glass of your fireplace. You will therefore need to have:

  • A wrench to unscrew the bolts
  • A flat screwdriver
  • Gasket,
  • A tube of glue for gasket or insert
  • A brush
  • The window

If the cast iron part is damaged and you want to renovate it, you can use a polish cream that you spread with a brush. For strong bolts that are difficult to undo you can use a penetrating spray, which will facilitate the work.

Buy a new insert glass

The first reflex is to try to find the glass that will best match your old one. For that, it is necessary to find the mark of the manufacturer of this one. The best is to find the reference of the glass, it is sometimes indicated directly on the glass.

Remember to measure the length of the gasket to get the size it would take for the new insert glass for your fireplace. Once you have identified the type of glass you need, you can easily find a new one on various specialized sites.

The stages of changing the insert glass

The time has come to change the insert glass, before putting on the new one, you must remove the old one. Remember to protect your hands to avoid a cut.

Remove the broken glass

First, disassemble the door by unhinging it, once removed place it on a flat surface. To remove the window, just unscrew it. On the other hand, it is necessary to remove by scraping the glue, as well as the gasket fixing the glass, to finish vacuuming in order to do a clean job.

Use a soft bristle brush for the final touches and a wire brush for the rusty parts. Finally, the last task before embarking on the installation of the new glass and polishing with a brush is a cream polish.

Install the new glass

Once you’ve removed the old glass and thoroughly cleaned it up, it’s time to install the new glass. The first step is to prepare the door, you need to moisten the groove, where the seal will be installed, then apply specific glue for the insert seal. Position the insert link all around the door and cut the excess with a chisel.

You do not need to leave an exposure time for the rope, because once the glass is installed, the pressure will do what is necessary. Once the glass is positioned, replace the bolts and tighten them, without being too strong, at the risk of cracking the new glass.

The last step is simply to put the fireplace door back in place, with its new new insert glass, which has just been cleaned with a little baking soda. You can then enjoy a good fire to walk without any safety concerns.

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