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Brompton bikes are among the best for city and suburban riders looking for flexible mobility, they can even be custom made for riders wanting to own a bike that perfectly matches their everyday needs.

Foldable, the Bromptons will greatly facilitate your everyday trips between public transport and your home.

Brompton: Folding bikes

Brompton allows to profit a folding bike with an exemplary finish and which is specially designed to be folded and unfolded in just 20 seconds, in order to quickly adapt to everyday needs and movements.

Whether to take him to work or on public transport, a Brompton when folded, it’s a bike to size making it easy to store. Its low weight also favors its portability to take it everywhere with you.

We find here the many features of what makes a good folding bike, the folding bike expert is not left out of praise about this brand.

Brompton: Customizable bikes

At Brompton, you have the choice between four different types of handlebars, for as many riding style. The bikes are then fully customizable if you do not opt ​​for the standard models.

The different types of handlebars

The “M” model is a form of handlebar that allows you to take an intermediate position on the bike. It is the most similar to a “classic” bicycle. The one in “H” is for cyclists who prefer a straightened handlebar for a high position, in order to have a more upright position.

More specifically, the “S” -shaped handlebar is, as its designation suggests, intended for use in a sporting position with a steeply leaning position. Finally, the type “P” (for polyposition) is a versatile handlebar allowing it to be adapted in high and low position as needed.

Customizable elements

After the handlebars, you can customize a Brompton according to your desires. Start with the saddle and the color: Brompton offers a range of 12 paint colors that can also be combined to create a two-tone bike.

The speed development options are also customizable with the choice between four different options: 1 speed, 2 speeds, 3 speeds or 6 speeds. Each option corresponding to the need that you will make of it.

The 1 speed one will be enough for you if you only ride on level surfaces, while the 6 speed one is the perfect “gearbox” to tackle all styles of terrain.

Finally, Brompton bikes also offer luggage options for hanging bags of different styles and sizes available as an option. Bikes are also designed so that they do not affect the ride by not being attached to the handlebars.

Brompton: A range of electric bikes

Offers on the same basis as the classic Brompton folding bikes, it is now possible to enjoy an electric model. Its good point is that while it is also a folding model, it has the same size as the non-electric range when folded.

The Bromton electric bike is then equipped with an intelligent sensor set that detects when you need assistance depending on the style of land you are going to survey.

But the Brompton Electric is not just an electric bike. This range is also a connected bike that can be linked to a dedicated smartphone application. On this application, it is possible to customize the driving parameters of the bike, to track the kilometers traveled, but also to consult the maintenance history of the bike.

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