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If you plan to travel through Italy by bus, you have a great chance to go through the Baltour company which is one of the largest Italian coach operators. We explain what you need to know about Baltour bus tickets and the quality of the service offered.

Baltour, a major Italian coach operator

Baltour is a private transportation company that has been in business for over 50 years. It is one of the largest coach operators in Italy, offering bus trips, both on local lines, and long distance in Europe.

On Italian soil alone, Baltour buses cover 17 regions for more than 130 destinations, notably on the Adriatic coast. The company also manages municipal transport in Teramo, the city where its head office is located.

On long-distance bus lines, Baltour is currently able to serve 350 cities in 23 European countries through its merger with Eurolines. Another big bus company operating at European level.

Bus tickets offered by Baltour

As with most transport companies, Baltour offers different types of tickets for its journeys in Italy and Europe. It is usually a good idea to book in advance to be able to take advantage of the cheapest prices.

  • The classic ticket : This is the ordinary Baltour ticket which is only valid for one bus, the one indicated on the ticket. Children under 10 have a 50% reduction on the classic ticket.
  • Flex tickets : The ticket provides a reduction for a flexible rate, depending on the seats still available on the bus and the time of booking. The flex ticket is only available with an upstream reservation.
  • The Low Cost ticket : As its name suggests, the Low Cost ticket allows you to enjoy a low-cost trip by purchasing it before departure and depending on the availability of seats. On average, you can travel from € 9 for a reservation 15 days in advance or € 19 with a reservation 10 days in advance.

The coach operator also accepts the Eurolines Pass. This is one of the reductions offered by Eurolines and valid for 7, 15 or 30 days. It allows unlimited fixed price travel by bus in various European countries (Italy, France, Germany, etc.). With this card you can also book your tickets in advance.

Are the Baltour buses a disappointing service?

We took a look at TripAdvisor and CheckMyBus to compare the different reviews on the transport company and what immediately strikes us when looking for reviews on Baltour buses, it is the ratings that are disastrous to say the least.

As of this writing, Baltour inherits on TripAdvisor a poor 1.5 / 5, accumulated through 54 reviews. On ChekMyBus it’s barely better, with a score that painfully reaches 2/5 for 236 reviews and which represents the international ranking.

While it should always be kept in mind that dissatisfied customers are always more inclined to give their opinions on the internet than others and in particular for transport companies, the result is not reaching the average. engaging.

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